AAA Northern California Testimonial

I cannot thank all of you at MSI for your assistance these past several years. Your willingness to take on any task and always working for a better solution has made my life easier. The number of compliments we are always receiving from the branch offices about your service and the helpfulness of your team when making deliveries has made it obvious that we made the right choice in working with MSI.

Rick Dey

Auto Travel Administration | Business Fulfillment | Branch Operations

AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah

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Starline Press

You did it! You made it through your first busy season with us. I am so proud of you guys, you did an amazing job. My heartfelt thanks to your whole crew.

Dr. Sandra Combs
Starline Press

Starline Press2023-06-26T12:22:24-07:00

Home Comfort Solutions, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

Mickey, Vicki and Teri,

What a team you have been for us thru the years, you gave us so much help in growing our business so we could ultimately sell and retire, so thanks so much!!! Mickey I believe if you haven’t heard from —— you should be soon they have recognized we did very well with the marketing pieces, tune up letters etc. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL!!!!!

I’m retiring Friday from the HVAC Business after forty two years. It’s been a great ride building a lot of friendships along the way.

– Royce McCann

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Sierra Vista Winery

We want to share the amazing experience we had with MSI.

The customer service we received from MSI was above and beyond any we’ve ever received from a printing/mailing company before. Teri and Kim were amazing to work with and I will recommend MSI to everyone. The turn around time is so quick and the extra mile they went for us was beyond good customer service. We won’t go anywhere else!

Thanks so much Teri and Kim!

Event, Wine Club and Tasting Room Manager
Sierra Vista Winery

Sierra Vista Winery2023-06-26T12:24:36-07:00


I am one of your clients and wanted to pass on praise for Ana Boddy.

One of my clients, Big Hairy Dog, told me about MSI and I decided to give MSI a try. We are a full-service sales and marketing agency and have printing needs that include postcards, data sheets, event signage, etc. I have been working with Ana – all through email and phone – and I just want to say that she does a wonderful job. When I ask for a quote on a print job, I always have it within 24 hours and she has never let me down when I’ve come to her with a tight print deadline. She recently completed an urgent job that needed to arrive in Hawaii today. Ana is terrific and I will continue to send work her way!




VORT Corporation

“We switched to MSI Fulfillment six years ago, after running our own warehouse for 12 years. It has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made, and we’ve never looked back.

MSI has provided nothing but excellent, error-free, on-time service. Their staff works as an extension of ours, so it’s all one efficient process. And their pricing model is simple and very cost-effective — unlike the competition which we studied before going with MSI.

I highly recommend MSI — they have effectively and graciously handled all our fulfillment needs, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.”

Tom Holt, President, VORT Corporation

VORT Corporation2023-06-26T12:26:17-07:00

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. uses MSI for every facet of our direct mail marketing. They have demonstrated a proven reliability and expertise to help us achieve cost effective marketing for our solar and heating and air divisions. After years of successful work from them, we trusted them with our website and they have provided a turn-key, SEO optimized website that gives us a great presence in our target markets. I consider the team at MSI as part of the Sierra Pacific team and we work hand-in-hand very closely on almost every marketing campaign that Sierra Pacific executes. If you trust them with your marketing and you put in the effort to collaborate with their team, they will get you successful results.

Jason Hanson, President

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort2023-06-26T12:27:01-07:00
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