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Mickey, Vicki and Teri,

What a team you have been for us thru the years, you gave us so much help in growing our business so we could ultimately sell and retire, so thanks so much!!! Mickey I believe if you haven’t heard from —— you should be soon they have recognized we did very well with the marketing pieces, tune up letters etc. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL!!!!!

I’m retiring Friday from the HVAC Business after forty two years. It’s been a great ride building a lot of friendships along the way.

– Royce McCann

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Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. uses MSI for every facet of our direct mail marketing. They have demonstrated a proven reliability and expertise to help us achieve cost effective marketing for our solar and heating and air divisions. After years of successful work from them, we trusted them with our website and they have provided a turn-key, SEO optimized website that gives us a great presence in our target markets. I consider the team at MSI as part of the Sierra Pacific team and we work hand-in-hand very closely on almost every marketing campaign that Sierra Pacific executes. If you trust them with your marketing and you put in the effort to collaborate with their team, they will get you successful results.

Jason Hanson, President

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