Do you need fulfillment services for your business? MSI is a full service Sacramento fulfillment company that provides fulfillment services for companies located in Northern California, Southern California and other cities in the United States. We can provide fulfillment services to any size company from the individual selling items on EBAY to the large corporation that needs service for thousands of products. MSI has provided fulfillment services for many types of businesses including large music companies and book distributors.

Because MSI ships using only the best methods and levels of service, we can guarantee our costs are fair to you and your shipments arrive on time. Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) ensures our fulfillment activities are coordinated to ensure your order is both available and ready to ship when you request.

We promise Fast, Accurate Shipments.

We ship to:

  • Businesses
    • Express handling
    • Freight expense reporting
    • LTL
  • Homes and Individuals
  • International locations
  • Retailers
    • Returns
    • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • Advance Ship Notification (ASN)
  • Trade shows and events
    • Easily visible, accurately labeled packages
    • Shipments that follow event rules
    • Urgent shipments arrive on time

MSI offers you total visibility. It’s your company: we want to do it your way. Wherever you can get access to the internet, you can have instant inventory visibility. We always provide you with current information on inventory and shipment statuses, parcel tracking, and automatic email notifications.

Our WMS system gives you:

  • Complete web visibility of your inventory
  • Order placement and imports in the Customer Portal
  • Order pre-notification to MSI through Customer Portal
  • Automatic email notifications of receipts, shipments, and low inventory levels
  • Advanced EDI and shopping cart integrations for automatic order flow
  • Real-time report access to run reports 24/7 and export to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats

MSI also promises your company control. Our goal is to save you time and make sure your shipments are placed just as you want them. We do that through offering inventory control by allowing you to:

  • Use the online order-entry system, which allows you to enter order shipment requests into the system
  • Choose specific lot and/or serial numbers for shipment
  • Prioritize warehouse options by seeing information MSI warehouse employees see
  • Know the exact location of your inventory throughout the entire shipment process
  • Customize your packing slips
  • ASN and assembly instructions

MSI also promises complete accuracy on all your orders. Our services allow you to:

  • Capture billing information at time of transaction
  • Faster Order-to-Cash cycle
  • Record inventory and sales events at time of transaction
  • Remove data entry errors with:
    • Web-based order entry option
    • Barcode scanning
  • Lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date tracking
    • EDI integration for order request and shipping details
  • 6 standard file formats
  • Retailer-complaint UCC-128 label
  • Printing

We guarantee full supply chain visibility, directly integrated with FedEx and UPS for the most convenient, fastest operations. We also support international dates and time zones, different currencies, and metric dimensions and weights to best fulfill our international promises.

MSI uses state of the art fulfillment software to track inventory and shipments and we provide first class customer service. Let MSI fulfill your Fulfillment Goals!