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Will Online Marketing Be Replaced By Mobile Marketing?

Wow. Have you read the recent stats about mobile marketing? It looks like less and less people are using laptops and desktops to access websites. Millions of people are now using their iPhones, their Androids and their tablets to surf the web. In fact (this ought to concern some website owners) a statistic from Google said that 60% of mobile device users will leave a website if the website isn’t mobile friendly.

Makes me think of a webinar I saw a few years back. It was created by an online marketer named Ryan Deiss. He said that the “web is dying.” He talked about how the mobile device was destroying the popularity of the internet. Interesting how people don’t seem to be worried about this. Is mobile marketing really about to take down online marketing?

Here’s why I believe that the answer is a HUGE no.

Technology Will Evolve, but the Internet Won’t

The internet isn’t going anywhere, I think any reasonable person knows that. But online technology is changing so fast it’s almost comical. Anything that’s a year old is considered to be a dinosaur. First, we had desktops, then came laptops. Now, we have mobile devices, tablets…and I’m sure something else is coming next. Maybe we’ll soon have some kind of holographic technology which allows us to interact with the internet as if we were in virtual reality.

Don’t laugh at me for that last one. Just check out what IBM is doing right now with their “virtual world” project. It looks like it won’t be long before that technology becomes mainstream. What will that do for online marketing and even for offline marketing? What will the emergence of virtual printing technology do for physical manufacturing? My point is that technology is evolving and, as it does, we’ll need to keep adjusting our approach to online marketing…but the web certainly isn’t dying.

People Really Haven’t Changed

Human beings have become more technologically advanced over the past few hundred years, especially since the discovery of oil. But other than that, people really haven’t changed. They still buy things and they still buy them for the same basic reasons:

     • Survival
     • Safety
     • Comfort
     • Entertainment
     • Status

If you know how to appeal to these basic motivations, I don’t think it will matter what’s happening with online technology. If you know what motivated people to buy, you’ll always be able to improvise, to adapt and to overcome. As for the online world itself, the internet is really nothing more than a mess of computers communicating with one another. Can you see that stopping anytime in the near future…or ever? Only if something replaces the computer. Even then, now that people are addicted to global communication and information sharing, you can bet they’re going to do what they can to keep it going.

If anything, emerging technology is only going to make online marketing more important. The only thing that might change is the name of the medium which it’s done through. Maybe it won’t be called the internet anymore. Maybe it will be called “virtual earth.” Who knows?

The important thing to remember is that as long as we’re marketing products and services to one another, people will buy for the same fundamental reasons:

     • Survival
     • Safety
     • Comfort
     • Entertainment
     • Status

No matter what’s happening with online marketing, mobile marketing, virtual world marketing or social media marketing, if you learn to appeal to the fundamental human motivations, you’ll never need to worry about the impact of a new technology. Instead, you’ll be able to see trends coming while they’re still on the horizon and stay one step ahead of the people who don’t “get” the fundamentals of good marketing.

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