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Why Your Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working

So you’re using email marketing, but your open rates are extremely low and you’re not getting the conversions you’d hoped for. Is email marketing really worth the trouble or has it been devalued by anti-spam laws and by consumers who are frustrated with information overload? Is email marketing really worth it?

If you’re asking this question you’re not alone. Thousands of marketers are frustrated with their email marketing results. They’ve heard about how the “money is in the list,” but they’re still not getting the results they want. But I’d like to introduce you to a few key reasons email marketing isn’t working for some companies and to show you how to get your email marketing on the right track.

Email Marketing Shouldn’t Be Your Only Playing Card

If email marketing isn’t getting you the results you want, your email marketing might not be the real problem. Your overall marketing strategy simply might not have enough variety built into it.

Is email marketing the only strategy you have for following up with your prospects and your customers? If so, you’re putting too many eggs into one basket. Good marketers don’t depend on just one method for getting their message out. You’ve probably done business with at least one company simply because you were seeing their ads in multiple places. This is why you need to be using other marketing methods to supplement your email marketing.

The prospects and customers who get your emails also have mailboxes. They have TVs and phones. They have social media accounts, some of them listen to the radio and many of them watch videos on You Tube. How many of these methods are you using to get your message in front of your prospective customers?

Connecting Should Come Before Promoting

Go to your email marketing campaign and look at the last 10 emails you sent to your customer list. Are they all promotional emails? If so, you’re probably burning your subscriber list by promoting too much and not connecting enough. Even your loyal customers don’t want to get their inboxes slammed with promotional messages. Mix up your email marketing campaigns by sending your prospects and customers information which either entertains them or which can help them solve a problem.

Send out a few emails which show your company’s personality. Use some humor or go on a rant to demonstrate that you or your company dislikes the same things your target market dislikes. Your goal is to create a strong enough connection with your customers that they don’t mind getting promotional messages from you and authentic communication will help you do that.

Do You Have Only One List?

If you only have one list for your email marketing, you’re doing something wrong. You need to segment your lists by putting your prospects on one list, your one-time buyers on another list and your loyal customers on another list. Sending the same email marketing messages to all your prospects and customers prevents you from to addressing their needs specifically and customizing your messages. Segmenting your lists will solve this problem beautifully.

Try putting all your warm prospects on a separate list than your one-time buyers. Segment your loyal customers onto yet another list. Then, create promotional messages which are designed to turn your prospects into buyers, to turn your one-time buyers into loyal customers and to turn your loyal customers into promoters. You can also segment your email marketing lists according to your subscriber’s past buying behaviors.

This will be especially important if you have multiple products and services. Creating lists based on past buying behaviors will help you to customize your offers and increase your response rates, bringing you more repeat business. Want to get more results with your email marketing? Try out the tips this article and see what kinds of results you get.

Or, call MSI at the number on this site and tell us what kind of success you’re having with your current email marketing. We have a track record for helping our clients grow profitable businesses, and we’re certain that we can do the same for you.

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