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Why You Need a Professional Web Design Company, Not a Freelancer

If you want to save money on web design the statistics prove that you’re better off paying a professional web design company than hiring a bargain freelancer. This might sound totally out of the question if you’re working on a shoestring budget, but there are several reasons why “cheaper” will prove to be more expensive in the long run.

The Data is in, Most Marketers Don’t Know What Their Customers Want

It’s not uncommon for a company to hire a freelancer web designer, tell them what kind of website they want created, and end up with a site that gets little or no conversions. This happens because the website is usually created to please the business owner rather than to please their customers.

Maybe you don’t believe you belong in this group, but according to a study by e-Strategy Trends, most companies don’t know what their customers really want. For example, 59% of marketers believe that the most valuable use of social media sites is to provide insights to help their customers make buying decisions. 58% believe that customer service is the primary function of social media sites.

However, a startling 83% of consumers place a higher value on deals and promotions through social media sites while another 70% value rewards programs more.  The statistics on search are even more sobering. iMedia Connection reported that 78% of internet users use the web to do product research and nearly half of all daily searches are searches for information on products and services.

Those customers aren’t looking for “call us now” or “buy now” promotions either. According to Bing search engine, Yelp, Zaggat reviews and dozens of other research agencies, customers consult peer reviews and in depth information about products. Still think it’s a good idea to hire a bargain web designer as opposed to an experienced web design firm who understands marketing?

If so, here’s one more statistic you might want to know about….

SEO & Web Design Are Interlinked, And Agencies Do Better

Marketing reported that 21% of businesses who work with agencies on SEO are satisfied with the results. Meanwhile, only 11% of companies are satisfied with the results of doing their SEO in-house. So your chances at producing satisfactory results are twice as good if you choose an agency. Of course, you might pay more money in the beginning, but you won’t have to waste money having your site redone when you realize it’s not getting results.

The most important reason to choose a professional web design company is that they won’t always give you what you want. They’ll give you what your customers want. There’s a huge difference, and that’s why MSI believes that good web design is a job that should be left to the professionals. Call us now to find out why.

Your customers are waiting.

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