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Why PPC Marketing Beats SEO Marketing for Quick ROI

Have you read the marketing data about the ROI power of PPC marketing in comparison to SEO? Marketing released an article which states that SEO has the most positive impact on lead generation. Nearly 60% of B2B marketers claim that it makes the biggest dent when it comes to generating leads.

Meanwhile, only 20% of them claimed that PPC marketing was their top performer when it came to lead generation. Is PPC marketing simply not as effective as SEO, or is there something about PPC marketing that a lot of marketers still aren’t getting?

PPC Marketing, SEO and the Customer Buying Cycle

The customer buying cycle is an important factor to consider when deciding how to structure your PPC and SEO strategies. According to an article on, 43% of marketers claim that SEO brings them the most traffic. But less than 30% of those same marketers claimed that SEO brings them their highest conversion rate.

Why is SEO traffic less effective in driving new sales on the first visit? It’s because of something called the customer buying cycle. Depending on the data that you read, anywhere from 7 to 9 out of ten consumers are researching products and services online before they make a purchase decision.

These customers aren’t clicking on sponsored ads, and if they are, they’re not sticking around long to look at advertisements. They’re looking for websites which are providing the best content. Everyone knows that Google works hard to push the sites with the best content to the top of the organic search results. Sites which focus on direct marketing only usually don’t get high rankings.

This is because customers who are in the information gathering stage aren’t prepared to respond to direct advertisements. This is why they’re more likely to be interested in organic search results than they are in PPC and they’re less likely to buy right away. But if you’re focusing mainly on SEO, you’re likely to miss out on the customers who are done with their information gathering and are ready to make a decision.

Here’s why…

Why You Need PPC to Supplement Your SEO

To succeed online, you need to use SEO and PPC together. But it’s crucial to understand that your approach is going to be for each one. Your expectations also can’t be the same when it comes to quick ROI either. If you want to turn your traffic into immediate sales, you need to use PPC marketing and depend on SEO driving your leads and follow up sales.

Again, it comes back to understanding the customer buying cycle and knowing how to market to customers who are in the information gathering stage but also how to quickly capture the customers who are ready to buy something right now. PPC marketing has a better track record for converting sales on the first visit and it’s because the customers who click those ads are more likely to be in a buying mindset.

So if you’re planning on investing most of your marketing budget into SEO, you’re guaranteed to miss some of the “cash in hand” customers you could be connecting with by using PPC marketing. If you want to grab your share of that traffic, call MSI at the number on this screen.

Of course, you could always manage your PPC in house, but the data suggests that agencies do better. Marketing reported that only 15% of the marketers who responded to a survey were happy with the results they got from managing PP in house. Meanwhile, 20% of them were happier with the results they got from using a PPC management agency.

Call MSI now, and let’s talk about getting your company in front of more of those customers who are ready to buy immediately.

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