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Why Intuitive Web Design is a Must in the Age of Social Media

The engaging power of social media has changed the internet marketing game.  People are interacting online continuously, moving from Facebook and Twitter to your site and back again while sharing their experiences with thousands of friends and followers.  An intuitive web design is essential to creating “Likes” for your business.

Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Remember the traditional power of word of mouth referrals?  A successful business owner understood the power of creating a positive customer experience that would be shared in coffee shops and conversations throughout the community.  The referral of a friend or business associate is more powerful than any other possible promotion.

Guess what?  Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the new community and online relationships have taken word of mouth referrals to a new level.  A positive experience spreads quickly through thousands of contacts.  Unfortunately a negative experience spreads just as quickly.

Search engines understand the power of social media.  They use social votes as one component of their site ranking algorithm.  If your site is popular and generates plenty of buzz and lots of social media votes, expect to be ranked higher on a search engine results page.

People love to share content from websites on their social media accounts.  When you post helpful information, interesting videos, and attractive images on your site you encourage sharing.   Not only is this free advertising for your business, it draws the attention of search engines and increases your rankings through back links and increased traffic to your site.

Intuitive Web Design Encourages Social Media Engagement

By definition an intuitive web design is easy to use.   The navigation system is clear and easily understood.  The links all work.   The videos and other media on the site are clearly marked and easy play and pause.  Your visitors focus on the content of your site instead of the mechanics.

Effortless usability creates a welcoming environment for your message.  Visitors stick around to read more instead of navigating away from your site in frustration.  When they see something on your site they find helpful, inspirational, or funny they are likely to share it with their social media contacts.  They are likely to refer your website to others.

Speaking of sharing, intuitive web design includes social share options.  Make it easy for visitors to share your blog post by providing the clearly displayed buttons that make sharing simple.  Compact the images on your site and freely allow them to be pinned into Pinterest.  Including buttons for the sites your customers use most frequently like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn near interesting content makes it easy for visitors to help you advertise.

Provide Opportunities for Engagement

Social media users are accustomed to commenting on posts they see.  Consider providing comment options for visitors at key places on your site.  Encouraging product reviews, blog comments, and perhaps even a forum for customer questions models the interactive component of social media sites.  Your visitors will intuitively know how to interact with your business.

Allow your visitors to opt in to newsletters or promotional items.  Offer a contest.  Post a short survey and encourage visitors to share their opinion on a product, service, or issue relevant to your business.  Offering engagement opportunities like these not only increase your SEO by gathering fresh content, they make your visitors feel intuitively welcome.

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