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Why Do People Keep Saying “SEO is Dead?”

Search engine optimization is dead!

Are you tired of hearing this? Maybe it’s shock value people are after, but the claim that “SEO is Dead” sure raises debates amongst online marketers and SEO experts.

Some say SEO is being replaced by Social Media. Others say content marketing will take over. Others claim that social search will replace SEO.

Who’s right?

And what should your next move be if you’re not an SEO geek who marinates in this subject 24/7?

Should you stop doing SEO altogether and focus only on writing good content and building your social media presence?

Should you keep building links to your website or are you making beds in a burning house every time you create an “artificial” backlink?

You have only two options when it comes to keeping up with SEO:

Even if you choose option one, it’s a good idea to start thinking like the search engine companies. This way, you’ll know how to read the marketplace and predict what’s coming next.

How to Think Like Google, Yahoo and Bing

As much as SEO has changed over the past 10 years, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the invention of the internet:

“The trends of the internet marketplace are driven by consumer demand.”

Simple right? It’s said that the only constant thing is change, but that’s not true. The basic drives behind human behavior are constant, and when it comes to the behavior of internet users, there are four cores needs which drive people’s actions:

1.The need for trustworthy information

2.The need for stimulation and excitement

3.The need to connect with like-minded people

4.The need to feel important

Google specializes in the first need, and that’s how Google they stay on top of the game as the number one search engine. Obviously, they want to stay there…so where do you think they’ll invest their time, money and energy? They’ll invest it into technology which will help them:

1.Keep untrustworthy content out of the search engine rankings.

2.Elevate trustworthy content to the top of the search engine rankings.

Every Google update has been undergirded by these two principles. Any SEO strategies designed to do the opposite has died as Google’s technology has advanced.

  • Keyword stuffing died.
  • Automated link building died.
  • Junk article submission died.
  • Profile link building died.

What’s on the hit list now?

Here’s exactly what you can do to find that out and stay on Google’s good side….

Define Trustworthy Content, CREATE Trustworthy Content

Websites that deliver trustworthy content have survived and thrived in spite of every Google update. Sure, some of these sites were temporarily submerged along with the spam sites, but they all rebounded.

This is not a coincidence. These are sites who are 100% clear on what constitutes trustworthy content and who create it on a consistent basis. Trustworthy content is:

1.Written by a socially proclaimed expert (not a self-proclaimed expert).

2.Based on facts and statistics instead of opinions and theories.

3.Relevant to the reader’s present interests.

Could you ever imagine any of this changing?

Not a chance.

 People will never regard self-proclaimed experts as being more credible than socially proclaimed experts. They’ll never prefer opinions and theories over facts and theories (not unless they’re reading for pure entertainment value). They’ll also never be interested in things which aren’t relevant to their present interests.

So the question isn’t whether SEO is dead. The question is whether your rankings and traffic will die with the next update. If you’re thinking like Google and delivering what people want now and what they’ll always want, you’ll always come out on top.  

So if you’re tired of playing the SEO guessing game and you’re ready to dominate your competitors in the search engine rankings, why not call MSI at the number on this web site? Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about what Google will do next, and maybe it’s time to start delivering trustworthy content and dominating the search engine results. 

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