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Why Bother With Direct Mail Marketing When There’s Social Media?

Is Direct mail marketing still practical when you’ve got email marketing, social media marketing and YouTube? After all, the internet offers a variety of free marketing options, and direct mail marketing is more “front end heavy.” First, you pay a copywriter and designer to have your piece created, then you pay for printing, mailing and for your list.

In spite of this, direct mail marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to market your business. If you’re not using it, you could be missing a lot of opportunities to connect with new customers and to increase your profits.

Here are three reasons why…

#1: Lots of Consumers Still Aren’t Buying Online

Believe it or not, lots of consumers are still resistant to shopping and buying online.

Direct mail allows you to reach these customers and train them to start using the internet to shop and to purchase your products. For example, when a customer buys your product or service because of your direct mail campaign, why not send them a coupon which can only be redeemed online?

This will train your customers to start using the internet to buy from you and give you a means of following up with them via email the next time you send them an offer.

#2: Direct Mail Marketing Can Increase your Credibility

Most small businesses are using the internet to find new customers and to sell their products and services. Meanwhile, the bigger, and more established companies are still using direct mail to reach consumers. So if you start using direct mail, and if your pieces are well designed and you have a great offer, your consumers will have a higher perception of your company’s value.

The rise of the internet has also created loads of fly by night companies. Consumers know this, and they want to do business with companies who will be around next week, next month or next year. By using direct mail, you project the image of an established company, which makes your company more credible in the eyes of your customers.

#3: Email Marketing is Changing

Email marketing isn’t what it used to be.

Not only do email deliverability issues make it harder to get your emails into your customer’s inbox, you then have to get your emails opened and get the customer to click on your offer. All this has to happen just so you can have a shot at making a sale.

Today, you can have a list of 10,000 subscribers, but only a small fraction of them will even open your emails. Recently, email providers like AOL, Gmail, Verizon, Yahoo and Hotmail have also started sending emails into spam based on how often the user opens emails from that particular address.

So consumers don’t even have to report your emails as spam anymore! If your emails aren’t being opened, they’ll go directly to spam, or in some cases, be completely blocked from reaching your customers. Companies that have been depending on email marketing alone will need to start incorporating direct mail marketing to remain competitive.

So if you’re not using direct mail marketing, now would be a good time to start incorporating it into your overall marketing strategy.

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