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Why Aren’t Your Social Media Followers Buying from You?

Just yesterday, I got another email from someone who wanted to know how to get more Facebook and Twitter followers. While I can understand why an online marketer would ask this question, I’d like to tell you why I shake my head when people start out by asking it.

Whether you’ve got no social media followers or you’ve got thousands, it’s time to ask whether you’re really spending your time and money wisely when doing social media. Here’s are a few reasons I believe this is a worthwhile question to ask.

Social Media is Hard to Measure

You can’t manage or improve what you can’t measure. As of now, we still don’t have a solid method for measuring the success of social media marketing. But one thing I can suggest is that you create a separate landing page for your promotions and using that page when you advertise an offer via Facebook. Create another landing page for Twitter and make sure you block the search engine spiders from crawling those landing pages. This will keep you from getting organic traffic or duplicate content penalties.

Once you’ve got separate landing pages set up, you can track the amount of sales or leads which come from those pages and get a better idea of how your ads are performing when you invite people to them via Facebook and/or Twitter. The other option would be to use the same landing page which you’re already using for SEO traffic or for PPC. But how will you know where your results are coming from? So set up separate pages and start measuring your results.

Social Media is Social

I know this sounds really obvious, but I still see companies who are treating social media like just another form of lead generation or direct marketing. They try to heap up loads of follows and send out promotions to those followers via their Tweets and their Facebook posts. But ask yourself this…if your company were a real person, would it have any real friends on Facebook? Are you engaging your Twitter followers or are you just trying to play the numbers game?

Really ask yourself this question and see whether you’re being social in your social media marketing or if you’re just running the same ads you’d run when doing direct marketing. Look at the engagement you’re getting on your Facebook posts and pay attention to whether people are retweeting you on Twitter. If you’re not getting any engagement, you can bet that you won’t get any sales either. If this is the case, it’s time to try something new…

Stop focusing on sales and on lead generation and start focusing on engagement instead. Many times, the sales and leads will take care of themselves if you just start taking better care of your relationships.

Social Media is Relational

This is a hard one for marketers to get, but building relationships is more important than building profits. It’s even more important than gathering leads. What good is it to get thousands of likes and thousands of Twitter followers if none of them care about what you have to say? If you’re focusing on volume right now, you’re probably not “getting” the relationship building aspect of social media. Re-focus, start working on engaging the customers who you DO have.

Instead of worrying about getting more fans, see how many comments and likes you can get. See how many retweets you can get. Study a few people who are getting engagement and look at the type of content they post. Ask yourself if your content is as engaging and interesting and if you’re building relationships instead of just trying to apply mathematical formulas.

Finally, be patient. Unless you’re depending only on luck, there’s no such thing as overnight success. Success comes from consistently applying sound fundamentals, but it takes time. Set up a few landing pages which will help you measure results, find ways to make social media social and more relational. If you make this simple shift in priorities, the results will usually take care of themselves.

Many times, you can’t see your own blind spots. That’s the best reason to hire an expert. Good luck with your social media, and thanks for visiting our site.

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