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Why Are Smaller Companies Outranking You in SEO?

Everyone wants to be on top don’t they?

I’m talking about search search engine optimization, getting to the top position on Google page one. Are you there yet or is one of your competitors sitting on top of “Mount Google” rolling snowballs down on your head? SEO even allows small companies to outrank large companies. But if one of your smaller competitors is trying to wax “David & Goliath” on you, there’s probably a simple explanation for it.

 Here are a few things to check out when snooping on your smaller yet higher ranking competitors….

#1: Who Has More Transparency?

Go to your site, then go to the site of the smaller competitor who’s outranking you.

Which site has clearer details on how to get in touch?

Is your company address in an easy to find place?

How about your phone numbers?

Can your visitors easily find directions to your business?

If this information is hard to find in comparison to your competitor’s information, that’s probably one reason they’re on top and you’re not. Look also for their privacy policy and terms of service. These are all factors which Google uses to determine the credibility of a website. ALL of these are simple changes to make, so look for the weak spots and get those patched up.

#2: Who Has Expert Author Status?

No matter how small your competitor is, they can easily dwarf you in the content marketing area by publishing expert content on a consistent basis. This is especially true now that author rank is such a big factor in search engine rankings. Do you have someone consistently writing and posting expert articles and blogs and attaching them to either YOUR author account or an author account for another expert at your business?

If not, a smaller competitor can easily topple you in the search results just by writing and publishing one article a week. This is going to get more important as author rank and expert content become more important in SEO. So start building expert author status today, before your smaller competitors beat you to the bunch.

#3: Whose Site is Easier to Navigate?

Ease of navigation has always been important in search engine optimization. Unfortunately, companies with big marketing budgets like to have big fancy sites created with tons of rich graphics and features…most of which just slow the site down and don’t improve customer conversions. People use the internet search engines to find credible content, not to be entertained by fancy designs. They have sites like You Tube and Facebook for that.

If your smaller competitors are outranking you with less impressively designed sites, it’s probably because they put user experience and credible content as a higher priority.

Finally, if you think your site might be loading too slowly or that your customers might be leaving your site because they can’t find what they want right away, call MSI at the phone number on this website. We’ll help you outrank those pesky, pipsqueak little competitors who are taking your traffic and market share.

See you at the top.

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