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Which is More Dead…Direct Marketing or SEO?

“SEO is Dead” has become a popular saying over the past few years.

On a more subtle level, some marketers seem to think that direct mail marketing is dead because it’s so much more expensive than email marketing, social media marketing and SEO.


I don’t think so. First, NO marketing is free. It’s going to cost you in time or in money, but everything has a cost when it comes to reaching customers. The question isn’t how much you’re investing into something, the question is whether you’re doing it right.

Bad SEO is definitely dead, so is bad direct mail marketing…but so is bad email marketing and bad social media marketing. In fact, bad marketing has always been dead, it’s always been expensive and it’s always going to be.

So before you assume that direct mail marketing is obsolete in the age of the internet, ask yourself whether you’re using direct mail marketing the right way…

The Simple Secret of “Free” Direct Mail Marketing

Pop quiz….If you invest two, three or four thousand dollars into a direct mail marketing campaign, but you make five thousand dollars or more back, how much did that marketing campaign really cost you?

The answer is…nothing!

Good marketing doesn’t cost, it just works!

But how many hours have you invested into trying to reach the first page of Google, assuming that alone will grow your business? It won’t. If you reach the top of the search results, you STILL need a solid strategy for turning traffic into leads and sales. Likewise, you need a strategy for turning your direct mail leads into sales. You need to:

1.       Market to the right people.

2.       Get the right offer in front of the customer (more than once).

3.       Create a well-written and professional designed direct mail piece.

4.       Hire MSI for your next direct mail marketing campaign (sorry, couldn’t resist).

That’s all there is too it. If you do these four things, you’ll fall in love with direct mail marketing. You’ll discover that it has the power to set you apart from your competitors because many of them aren’t even using it.  It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of brands on the internet. But if you consistently “show up” in your customers’ mailboxes, you’ll be harder to ignore.

The Most Important Habit of Smart Marketers

Smart marketers also know that one is the worst number in marketing. They don’t just depend on one marketing channel or one marketing strategy. They have multiple channels for consistently attracting leads and new sales. No matter what channel they’re using, smart marketers focus on getting the results, not obsessing over the initial cost.

When your direct mail marketing strategy works, the cost eventually becomes a non-issue. Sure, thigs like email marketing can be a fantastic way to build customer relationships. But your email marketing strategy needs to take email deliverability issues into account. SEO can be a great way to attract new leads and sales, but you need a dependable process in place for converting your traffic into leads and sales.

And, of course, direct mail marketing can be a powerful method for connecting directly to your customers, IF you have the right strategy. MSI can help, just as we’ve helped dozens of other customers leverage the power of direct mail marketing. Just call us on the number on this site to find out how we can help you.  

Remember, good marketing costs nothing. It just works!

Much success.

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