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Are You Honest About Your SEO Efforts?

Honest SEO is important to the search engine companies like Google. Search engines are constantly refining their methods for delivering trustworthy content to web users. Why is this? Because trustworthy content is exactly what web users want.

If you focus on giving users what they want, you’ll do well in the search results. If you try to squeak by with slippery SEO tactics, the next Google update will probably bury your site.

So if you’re ready for a brutally honest assessment of your search engine optimization strategies, here are ways you can find out if you’re really obeying search engine rules:

1.Take an Honest Look at Your Competitors

Type your keywords into Google and make a list of the ALL the sites ranking above yours in the Google search results. Next, go to each site, starting with the top ranking site, and honestly ask yourself what they’re doing that you’re not doing.

How are they applying the golden rule by delivering their readers the kind of content everyone wants to read?

Do they have authors posting on their site who are more credible than the authors posting on your site?

Are they more transparent about who they are and why their readers should trust them?

Are their sites easier to navigate than yours?

Are they posting content more consistently than you are?

Is their content more well-written and more packed with information and facts instead of opinions?

You might not like your competitors, but if they’re ranking ahead of you, they’re doing a better job with the golden rule than you are. Find out how they’re doing this and honestly ask yourself where your SEO is lacking.

2.Take an Honest Look at Successful Content Marketers

Credible content is the most important component of search engine optimization. So your next job is to find 3 to 5 content marketers (such as Seth Godin, the writers at, the writers at etc) and find at least three things that they’re doing better than you are.

Are they posting more frequently?

Are they creating content that’s relevant to the immediate needs of their readers?

Are their headlines more interesting and engaging than yours?

Most importantly, how are they applying the golden rule in their content marketing strategy?

If they’re getting results, you can bet they’re doing at least a half dozen things that you’re not. Find out what these things are and fill in the gaps in your own SEO practices.

3.Take an Honest Look at Your Own Content

Here’s the final test of your commitment to succeed in search engine optimization. Look at your site, read your content and honestly ask yourself if you’re delivering the value which you expect when you land on a website.

Is your content 100% relevant to the present interests of your readers or does it wander off into other topics?

Is your content well written, interesting and entertaining or is it dry, dull and mechanical?

If you saw your content on someone else’s site, would you stay and read it or would you click the back button?

Most importantly, If your content were in a magazine, would you pay for a monthly subscription?

It doesn’t take a great depth of wisdom and enlightenment to improve your SEO rankings. If you’re 100% honest with yourself about whether you’re delivering the content people want to read, you’ll easily find the holes in your SEO strategy.

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