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What Will Happen if Google Stops Ruling SEO?

What’s wrong with us?

Everyone is trying to get on the first page of Google as if that’s all there is to internet marketing. But have you ever stopped to think about what Google really is? It’s a website. Of course, they have Google+ and YouTube and a ton of other influential platforms online. But think of all that money you’re investing in getting on the first page of Google. What will happen if another search engine knocks Google off their high place over the next two years?

It could happen, and when it does, what will happen to your web traffic? Maybe Google will be around for a long time. Maybe they’ll eventually rule the entire internet. But it’s unlikely, so it might be smart to prepare yourself for what might happen if Google becomes second (or third) in the SEO game…

Authority Trumps Visibility

This is the most important thing to remember in SEO. If you become a known authority in the mind of the public, you’ll never have to worry about what’s happening with Google. Do you think Apple is worried about where they rank in the Google search results? What about Disney, McDonald’s or Starbucks? These giants are more interested in where they rank in the mind of the public. They’re creating authority and credibility with ALL their marketing practices. Your dedicated audience can carry you through SEO trends as long as you treat them well.

I doubt any of those famous brands will bat an eyelid if Google goes down in flames. So how about you? Are you more concerned with getting to the first page of the Google search results than you are with creating an authority website? If so, it might be time to change your priorities. It might be time to stop worrying about what Google is doing and start trying to creating the best possible experience for the people who land on your website.

If you do this, you’ll get higher Google rankings AND you’ll be less dependent on them because your customers will bypass Google and go directly to your website.

Google is Just a Messenger

Google is really just a media company. They bring people credible content and that’s why they stay on the top of the heap when it comes to search engines. If this ever changes, or if someone comes along who does a better job at delivering quality content than Google, Google will be replaced pretty quickly. Just look at how quickly Wal-Mart ousted K-Mart. Look at how fast Borders bookstore went belly-up because of Amazon.

Of course, Borders tried the online thing, but they didn’t stand a chance against Amazon because they didn’t’ give the public what they wanted. The same thing is happening to eBay now… more and more people are buying on Amazon because the site is easy is to use and delivers great prices on new and used materials. Facebook took over MySpace and forced them to become a network for musicians instead of a social media hangout space. How many other stories can you think of where the king of the mountain was brought down by a newly emerging company? What did all those little David's have in common against Goliath? They knew where to throw their stone for maximum impact; they knew how to deliver to their customer base.

In the new economy, things can change in the blink of an eye. Google is no exception, so remember this when you’re working on your online visibility. Focus on authority and on connecting with your loyal visitors and getting more of them. SEO is good to keep in mind, but some of this will come naturally if you focus on visitors. If you focus on your authority, you’ll never have to worry about Google, or anyone who takes their place in the future.

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