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What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

It's a bulletin board. It's a social website. It's both. And Pinterest is a recent marketing phenomena that has caught on like wildfire. In short, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board - only instead of flyers or posters, imagine the bulletin board filled with photos and videos. And it's a social website that is centered around sharing - sharing photos and videos. One of MSI's most popular blog articles - Why is Facebook so Popular? - has attracted thousands of visitors trying to figure out why so many people use Facebook. Now we are trying to learn what is Pinterest and what is making Pinterest so popular?

Pinterest Uses

Pinterest allows you to share your interests, discover others peoples' ideas, get inspiration from others, and organize images in an aesthetic, clean, and uncluttered fashion. Like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, both individuals and businesses use Pinterest for their own purposes. As an individual, you can create a bulletin board with ideas for decorating your home, plan a wedding, or sharing your favorite sports video clips with friends. Do you like window shopping? Ecommerce sites that are using Pinterest to show their wares with flair are looking for you, and you'll enjoy browsing their highly visual Pinterest boards.

Pinterest for Business

Users of Pinterest are 79% more apt to buy items they see pinned on Pinterest boards, as opposed to what they see on Facebook newsfeeds, according to a survey about social commerce by SteelHouse. And Boticca found that inbound traffic that came from Pinterest spent over $180, compared to the $85 spent by users that came from Facebook.

There are aps that allow you to track which products of yours are being posted on other people's Pinterest boards, such as Curalate. This give you in depths analytics to help you customize and increase your marketing effectiveness.

How Pinterest Works

It's simple. As you surf the web and see an image you like, you just click the "Pin It" button that you previously installed on your browser.

Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing

There are a multitude of marketing techniques surfacing for the use of Pinterest, and new ones being created every day. Here are just a few of the basics to get you started:

Use stunning, original photos. This will help your images get "liked", commented on, and repinned the most, increasing your Pinterest rank, making your photos more likely to get shown.

Get socially involved. Pinning other people's content will help you build a wider following, and increase your own traffic. Invite fans to contribute to your pinboard, and encourage them to invite other users to your Pinterest board.

Get into marketing. Pin offers and coupons that are exclusively available to Pinterest users, and offer the occassional competition with prizes.

Create a collection or catalog. This is especially helpful if you have numerous images that can be inundating to navigate, and will narrow down the focus for the consumer, making them more likely to be drawn to your site's offerings.

Pinterest's Popularity

Pinterest will soon be a common household word, as it's already made its way into the ranks of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LikedIn and YouTube - even topping many of those pillar sites in traffic and sales.

The attraction lies in that fact that people love images, it's easy to use, and it's free. I doubt this will be a fading trend. It has taken off like the invention of airplanes (ok, maybe we are being overoptimistic). One would be wise to not overlook the potential of this new corkboard-style, visual marketing phenomena.

So if you have not already signed up with Pinterest, go sign up and start Pinning and let us know what you think.



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