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What Does Your Web Design Company Know About Marketing?

Before you hire a Web Design Company, we’d like to share some tips about effective website design, tips that will help you make a smart hire. Small, medium and even large businesses sometimes blow thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on fancy websites, only to find that they’re not getting the traffic and leads they expected.

This happens because a great looking website doesn’t guarantee you traffic or sales. So when hiring a Web Design Company, here are three things you should look for before signing a contract.

#1: Good Designers Aren’t Always Good Marketers

Marketing is a part of everything you do in business, including design. If you hire someone who has a good eye for design, but who doesn’t “get” marketing, you could end up with a website that gets a lot of compliments from your family and friends, but no traffic and no new sales.

This is why, before your Web Designer Creates one line of code, you should clarify the goal of your website. Your online marketing goals will determine your website’s structure, its navigational layout and its interactive features. It will even impact how your graphics are designed and placed.

A well designed and well-structured website can be a powerful marketing tool, but a well-designed and poorly structured site can be a big waste of money.

A good web designer will ask questions about your objectives for capturing leads, making sales or increasing credibility through your website. If your web design company isn’t doing this, you’ve probably got someone who doesn’t understand marketing. Of course, if you can find an award winning Web Design Company that has a strong marketing background and expertise in SEO, go for it.

But if you can only choose two out of those three, you’re better off working with a company who understand how to get you traffic and customers.

#2: Good Designers Aren’t Always SEO Experts

SEO is rapidly evolving, but the basic principles of good on page SEO haven’t changed that much. Your site still needs to be organized according to your content. You still need a site that loads fast, and user experience is still very very important. But there dozens of other nuances which impact your SEO, and even experienced web designers don’t know about them all.

This is why you need a Web Design Company who understands SEO. If shortcuts are made (intentionally or unintentionally) in the basic structure and design of your site, correcting them later could be expensive. Remember this when you’re looking at a Web Design Company’s portfolio. Pay attention to how their other websites are ranking.

Of course, design isn’t the only factor in getting good rankings. But if you find a Web Design Company whose websites are consistently ranking well, you know that the site was probably well-designed from the beginning.

#3: Budget for Value AND Long Term Success

While you never want to go cheap on your web design, you should also know that a well-designed site will only get you so far. In the early days of the internet, you could create a website and starting getting traffic right away. Today, the internet marketing place is far too competitive for a brand new website to get loads of free traffic. 

You’ll need a long term content marketing strategy and an SEO strategy to ensure future traffic and rankings. So don’t blow your entire web design budget on getting your site created. Some companies do this and have nothing left to invest in getting traffic to their site.

Treat your company website is like a storefront in the physical world. You need it to be attractive and intuitively structured for handling loads of traffic. But just as a brick and mortar business has to invest money into getting traffic, you’ll need a budget for getting traffic to your web site.

We can help you do both of these. If you’re ready to start your website design project, contact us at the phone number on this site and let’s talk about your online marketing goals.

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