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Variable Data Printing


Variable Data Printing

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With today's database and digital printing technology, it is now possible to deliver highly personalized direct mail pieces based on an unlimited number of criteria.

What's so important about Variable Data Printing?

One-to-one Marketing
One mail piece with relevant Personalization.

Personalized Mail
Below is an example of the data fields needed for a personalized postcard campaign.

Relevant Information
The customized targeted list containing pertinent information is the major ingredient for a successful one-to-one marketing campaign.

Studies of consumer behavior have repeatedly shown marketing that is relevant to people's lives is considerably more effective than generic marketing. Quite simply, MSI is a Sacramento printing company that allows you to match your offers with your customer's likely buying preferences. This revolutionary technology customizes messages, names, images, products -- the possibilities are endless. Below is just one example of variable data technology in action:

Postcard View


John Simmons Single 25% M 26-35 male26.tif male26.txt Jackie September 2331 First Ave. Stockton, CA 95742 Example 1
Michelle Stein Single 30% F 65+ fema65.tif fema65.txt Sharon November 231 Thomas St. Sacramento, CA 95823 Example 2
Kim Bryant Single 25% F 18-25 fema18.tif fema18.txt Derrick December 4401 Johnson St. Rancho Cordova, CA 95743 Example 3
NOTE: In addition to the variables listed above, there are many other things that can be included: multiple versions for different club locations; variable backgrounds, text colors; market new memberships based on gender, age and income.

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