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USPS Announces Retail Replacement Option

The USPS has announced the proposed downsizing/rightsizing from the current 100,000 retail outlets for postal services across the country to a smaller number of retail outlets. The USPS contends that the number of people doing business online, at shopping destinations, and with smart phones justifies the reduction of postal facilities.

The future of the USPS retail network is being analyzed by studying thousands of  retail offices to determine customer needs. The USPS also announced a retail replacement option for those that will be impacted by the rightsizing.

According to the USPS, more than 35 percent of the Postal Service's retail revenue is generated from retail locations and Additionally, the USPS adds that current habits of mail customers are reducing the demand for a physical post office. 

The concept of the "Village Post Office" is proposed as an alternative for communities that don't have a postal retail outlet that would be affected by the retail rightsizing effort. These Village Post Offices would be within and part of local businesses that are appropriate retail sites with convenient locations. Certain items and services such as postage stamps and packaging for flat-rate will be available at the "Village Post Office."

The USPS wants to work with third-party retailers to make it convenient and easy for postal customers to access mail products and services. They want the needs of their customers met in the most efficient and community friendly manner possible.

There are currently more than 30,000 retail offices and about 70,000 third-party retailers providing stamps and other postal products and services. MSI continues to evaluate what impact the Post Office reduction may have on mail marketing.

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