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Three Tips for Using Direct Mail Marketing to Market B2B Services

If you’re using direct mail marketing to market a B2B service, here are three things you can do to make sure your mail gets received, opened, read and responded to…

#1: Get Through the Gatekeeper

Your first job is to get your direct mail piece into the hands of someone who can read it and make a decision about hiring your company or purchasing your products. This means you’ll want to package it as a piece of business mail and not just a piece of junk mail. Using envelopes is a good idea because it keeps the gatekeepers from reading your offer and making a decision about it before the right person gets to see it.

Include the first name of the recipient on the envelope and make the envelope look like it was sent from one person to another as opposed to being sent out to a list. For example, you might have places on the envelope that appear to be handwritten or even scribbled. Have things circled or highlighted and use an organic looking font. The less your offer looks like junk mail, the better chance you have of getting it read.

#2: Follow Up

Never assume that your direct mail is so good that it can bring you loads of phone calls without you ever having to follow up with email or phone calls. Even if you have a 5% response rate (which is excellent), a phone prospecting strategy can boost your responses by as much as 200% or even 500%. If your positioning yourself as an expert service provider and don’t want to lower your value by becoming a telemarketer for your services, hire someone to follow up on the mailing and to set some appointments for you to speak with the interested clients.

It’s also important to follow up your first letter with other direct mail letters. Don’t just assume that all the people who are going to respond do so on the first letter. Many of them won’t, so mail three to five letters and follow up with a phone call. Remember that your goal is either get someone off of your list or get them to buy from you.

#3: Create a “Warm List”

Not everyone will buy from you or even contact you right away, but they might be interested in getting more information from you via a newsletter. So in addition to giving your prospects the option of calling, invite them to sign up for a “warm list” where they can get  a newsletter from your company. Your warm list will be the prospects that are interested, but not quite ready to hire you.  You don’t want to send them the same information you’d send to people who haven’t responded at all. You want to take advantage of their interest and, hopefully, to earn their business.

So get your semi-interested prospects onto a separate list so you can build a more aggressive marketing campaign for following up with them. Follow up with them using phone calls and email marketing campaigns and invite them to connect with your company via Facebook. In addition to building your warm list, work on getting the disinterested prospects off of your list. Market them a few offers over a period of six months, but if they still don’t respond, move them onto another list and follow up with them less frequently.

This is a simple strategy, but if you’re persistent, it can bring you a steady stream of leads and sales.

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