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Three Reasons Direct Mail Can Double Your Profits FASTER Than Online Marketing

If you’re not already using direct mail marketing, you could be missing out on 50 to 70% of your would-be business. Just imagine having twice as much business as you do now. That’s what you could be missing. Sound hard to believe? Just check out these three reasons direct mail can be more profitable than online marketing…

#1: The Internet is More Saturated than Your Customer’s Mailbox

Market saturation is a real challenge online, but direct mail is a different story. Just ask yourself how many of your competitors are using direct mail to reach out to new customers; probably not many. Most of them are focused on getting to the first page of Google, pay per click marketing, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and the dozens of other options for marketing online.

Many of them are probably fighting an uphill battle on the internet just to get noticed by their prospects. Meanwhile, direct mail marketing has much less competition. If you use it and your competitors are not, this means YOUR sales letter could be one of the only offers your target customer will get in the mail this week.

If your letter is well written, if you target the right buyers and if you have a good offer, you’ll get a higher response rate than you could by dumping that money into the oversaturated online marketplace.

#2: Online Marketing Can Be More Expensive Than Direct Mail

Are online marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization and pay per click marketing really less expensive than direct mail?

That depends on how effective they are doesn’t it? Even organic search engine traffic isn’t free. Whether you handle SEO in house or outsource it, you’re either paying with time or you’re paying with money. And when you invest into SEO or PPC and get on the first page of Google, you’re not guaranteed visits and you’re certainly not guaranteed sales and phone calls.

In fact, there’s a chance your customers will click away within a few seconds and never get to see your offer at all. But direct mail is harder to ignore. Even if your customer doesn’t buy right away, they might set your direct mail offer on their desk or their kitchen table. There it will sit, until they either respond to it or throw it away. But at least it still has a chance.

But if you pay to send a visitor to your website and they click away without buying, your offer is out of sight and out of mind. Remember, marketing is only expensive when it doesn’t pay for itself, and the odds of getting a good response with direct mail are much better than the odds of getting a response online.

#3: Direct Mail Makes Your Company Look More Credible

When you get a well-written and well-designed letter in your mailbox, doesn’t it change your impression of that company? Suddenly, they’re no longer another marketer begging for your attention on Facebook, on Twitter or in a PPC ad. They’re now a company with the means to design, print and send a physical letter to your home or office.

This might not have been a big deal before the internet, but today it sets you apart from your competitors. It shows that you’re not just a fly-by-night company who is bootstrapping it and hoping to still be in business next year.

So by using direct mail, you can bypass the saturated online marketplace, increase your response rate AND position yourself as a credible brand. If you’re not already using it in conjunction with your online marketing, there could be twice as much business out there just waiting for you to take action. If you doubt this, just check out some of these direct mail marketing success stories.

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