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The Reasons More Companies Are Using Direct Mail

The marketing world has been increasingly digitalized over the last few years, and companies all over the world have had to become more reliant on digital marketing strategies or run the risk of getting left behind. Direct mail was one of the biggest casualties of this technological advance and the number of businesses using it in their marketing strategies has decreased dramatically. But there has been a direct mail resurgence recently, and more companies are starting to integrate it into their marketing mix.

Why The Sudden Resurgence?

After years of being branded as a “dying form of marketing,” why has direct mail suddenly made its way back into the fold of many businesses? The reasons for this resurgence are many, but the main ones can be found below:

1. Increasing Options

Previously, direct mail was very limited to the kind of paper and design options that were available, but now the market has expanded drastically and there are new and innovative ideas, like QR codes, for example.

2. Time

We live in a world that is ruled by time constraints, and many people have a short attention span when it comes to reading the Internet or emails. Direct mail gives you time, time that allows your ad to create a better emotional connection and perform its persuasive function much more effectively.

3. Tangibility

Direct mail can be held and kept. Unlike digital ads, which have a short lifecycle, direct mail, in the form of brochures and coupons, etc., can be kept around the house, acting as a reinforcement and reminder about your product.

4. Return on Investment

Direct mail can also provide a great return on investment when coupled with strong marketing research, innovative design and clever copywriting.

The resurgence of direct mail means that companies of all sizes need to start looking at integrating their digital marketing strategy with a direct mail strategy to create a mix that will have the most effective results.

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