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The Primary Goals of Postcard Marketing

One of the more effective forms of direct mail marketing involves postcard mailings.  If designed and developed properly, a postcard campaign can generate a significant amount of new leads and repeat business.  Additionally, post card campaigns are considerably more cost-effective than many other types of direct mail marketing, or the more traditional types of advertisements.

If you want to build brand awareness, create more customer loyalty, generate more sales leads, and pre-sell your products or services, there is no better way to accomplish this through a direct mail campaign than by using postcards to promote you and your business.  There are five essential tips to developing a solid postcard marketing campaign:

Utilizing the postcard marketing tips listed above will help you achieve the following goals.

Generate more phone calls, sales leads, and visitors to your business - the primary purpose of any advertising venue is to increase customer traffic, sales, and profitability.  This is also the case with postcard marketing.  The right campaign will make your phone ring and bring you customers who need your products or services.

Build brand awareness - your postcard marketing should also be used to build brand awareness as well as attracting new and repeat business.  Customers are more likely to contact you regarding a product or service before they call another business, if they recognize who you are. Familiarity will enhance the value of the products and services you have to offer.

Create instant results and success - if you offer something that has considerable appeal and is also an excellent value, you have the distinct possibility of answering the immediate needs of your customers.

Build long-term relationships - a single postcard mailing is not going to create a long-term relationship.  In fact, it may not even trigger a response.  However, mailing postcards on a fairly regular basis to your "house" list is a great way to generate long-term relationships as well as customer loyalty.

Try not to sell your product until you get phone calls - as crazy as this may sound, don't try to sell your products or services until you have the opportunity to talk with the customer in person or over the phone. Postcard marketing is not viewed as an effective sales closing method because of how brief the format is, and the fact that there is no return order form for paying by check or credit card.  However, response can be higher than what you will experience with other forms of advertising. Make your call to action, your offer, and your contact number very prominent.

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