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The Power of the Thank You Card

As a business owner, you realize the importance of a happy customer. Customers are the bloodline of your business. Without them, you’d have no chance of success. That’s why keeping your customers happy should be your number one priority.

Business owners often focus their efforts on finding ways to attract new customers. While this is important and certainly something you should be thinking about, don’t underestimate the value of your current customer base. By ensuring that your existing customers are happy you are creating a long lasting relationship and promoting repeat business. A customer that feels valued is one that will show loyalty to your product or service and one who will spread the word to friends and family about your great service and in turn attract new customers.

So, how exactly do you go about fostering this sense of value? A thank you card. Don’t underestimate its value. It’s the little things that make customers take notice. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors.

Why is the thank you card so effective?

Feeling appreciated is a basic human desire. Customers appreciate businesses that are willing to go the extra mile. In fact, some people are even willing to spend more for quality customer service. Studies have shown that taking the time to thank customers results in two things: increased spending and referrals. It’s simple, cost effective and yields results.

Now that we’ve established that you should be incorporating thank you cards as part of your business growth strategy, here are three elements to include when writing your card:

Make sure it’s about them – Don’t use the card as an opportunity to advertise a new product or service. It should be a sincere thank you. The card is about them, not you. You don’t want to make them feel as if the card is a gimmick. You want them to feel genuinely appreciated for their continued patronage.

Handwritten – Whenever possible, it’s always best to hand write your thank you cards.  A card that is mass produced loses some of its appeal. It takes away the personal connection. If you have a large client base, there are a couple ways you could tackle this. Rather than send to all your customers at once, send them out to different customers every month. Make it a year-round commitment. Another option is to track customer data and send the cards out to those who are repeat buyers or to those who have spent a certain amount of money over time. Do whatever works for the size and scale of your business.

What you write matters – Don’t just write something generic like “thanks for your continued business”. This comes across as though no real thought or effort was made. Share something of value, something tangible. For example, share one of your successes and highlight how they were a large part of it.

It’s never a bad idea to include a coupon or a freebie for their next visit. An even better idea would be to include two coupons: one for them and one for a friend. This way, they’ll pass this along to someone who may have never purchased your product or service before and you’ll have an opportunity of adding to your customer base.

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