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The Only 7 Online Marketing Skills You’ll Ever Need (Part II)

In the first blog of this series, I laid out the first three of the ONLY seven marketing skills you’ll ever need to succeed as a modern marketer.

  1. Data Analysis

  2. Product Positioning

  3. Understanding Human Behavior

Remember that online marketing doesn’t have to eat up all your time. You don’t have to burn up your time becoming an expert in PPC marketing, social media, video marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, blogging and whatever might come next. All you need is a few basic skills and a dependable team of online marketing experts and you can save yourself a TON of time and energy by having the experts carry out your plans.

Let’s check out the remaining four marketing skills:

  1. Revenue Forecasting

Once you’ve got a good grasp on data analysis and on understanding human behavior (skills one and three), you can start forecasting how much revenue you’ll make from a marketing campaign the next time you run it. Of course, this is hard if you’re constantly changing gears and trying a different marketing gimmick every week or every month. But if you work on applying a few simple methods and communicate with your online marketing team on a consistent basis, you can start creating campaigns which can be run to create specific results, nearly on demand.

For example, if you have a PPC marketing campaign which converts at 1% and you’ve consistently made 5 sales a week by sending 500 hits of traffic, you can reasonably predict that campaign to generate 10 sales just by sending 1,000 hits of qualified traffic to it. Once you have the skills to predict your campaign’s performance, you become much more confident when spending more money on future marketing efforts.

  1. Competitive Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competitors.

They’re out there in the trenches just as you are, they’re getting results and they’re deciding what marketing strategies to use based on what’s getting them the best results. Becoming a student of your top three competitors can be one of the smartest decisions you make as a marketer. Look at the ads they’re running on a consistent basis, look at their advertising channels and look for the things they do repeatedly.

The more you do this, the more you’ll realize that it’s not necessary to learn the hard way by experimenting with your own marketing dollars. You can learn a lot just from watching what your competitors are doing on a consistent basis and using your positioning skills to create campaigns which duplicate the things your competitors are doing but which also set you apart as a unique brand.

  1. Campaign Strategizing

Most marketing managers are great strategists. The problem is that they spend so little time using this skill. They burn up their energy trying to figure out how to work with online technology. What if you were to work with a team of online marketing experts, a team who understands how to use online technology? What if you could invest all YOUR time and energy into creating marketing multistep strategies? I’m talking about brainstorming PPC funnels, multistep direct mail campaigns, social marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns?

As a marketing director or an entrepreneur, your mind is your most valuable asset. Why burn up your time and energy trying to do all the hands on work yourself? What would happen if you were to focus all this time and energy into creating dynamite campaign strategies? If you were to do that, and if you were teamed up with a solid group of experienced online marketers, you’d only need ONE more skill to create outstanding success…

  1. Good Communication Skills

This is the most important skill for any marketer or business owner to have. If you have good data analysis and product positioning skills, and if you can do good competitive analysis and revenue forecasting, and if you can create great campaign strategies, you simply need to communicate your ideas to a competent team of online marketing professionals and to work WITH them in creating tremendous results.

Why aren’t more marketing directors and business owners making this happen? It’s because they’re burning up their time working on things which should be left to the professionals.

Stop wasting your time trying to learn things which you’ll, at best, only become mediocre at. Rather hire a great marketing company so you can invest your time into using and growing your expertise for your company.

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