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The Only 7 Modern Marketing Skills You’ll Ever Need (Part I)

Online marketing can be overwhelming, even for the most intelligent and motivated business owner. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Here you are trying to stay on top of what's happening in your industry. Meanwhile, you're being forced to become an expert in complicated online marketing strategies like PPC, email marketing, social media, video marketing, SEO. For many business owners, and even marketing directors, keeping up with all the changes in technology and the online trends that follow is more than a full time job.

 That said, I've got a bold statement to make about online marketing and about the internet in general...

“I think that for many business owners, and even marketing directors, the internet is one of the biggest time wasters.”

I know, sounds odd coming from an online marketing company. But who says you have to become a master of online marketing technology to do well with it? There are plenty of companies out there, like MSI (that’s us), who specialize in online marketing and who can use their knowledge of online marketing to create and to manage marketing campaigns using YOUR ideas.

All you need is seven key skills, and you can save yourself a TON of time by hiring someone to make sure that your ideas are carried out in the online marketplace. I’d like to introduce you to these seven skills in this this blog series…

1. Data Analysis

If you can analyze how effective your current marketing campaigns are and determine what needs to change when you run those campaigns again, you’re already better off than most marketers. The internet has made it super easy to do this because it’s made it simple to track user behaviors and to deliver that data to you in simple numbers like:

     • Conversion Rates

     • Bounce Rates

     • Opt in Rates

     • Time on Page

     • Campaign ROI

     • Total Cost Per Lead

Once you know these numbers, you can make quick decisions about what’s working and what’s not. You can then communicate with your online marketing team and have them adjust your campaigns accordingly. Of course, you could get your hands dirty and step into the process of building campaigns, editing websites, producing videos and writing copy. Might be kind of fun. But it’s important to consider the time you’re spending and the quality you’re sacrificing by trying to do these things yourself instead of entrusting them to an expert.

Is it really worth it?

2. Product Positioning

The modern marketplace is crowded, competitive and information saturated. In their book “Positioning” the authors Jack Trout and Al Ries talked about the challenge this presents for marketers. That book was written decades ago, but the principles it talks about are even more important today than they were when the book was written. Your product or your service needs to be in a category of its own. Otherwise, people will see it as just another “me too,” copycat business and they’ll price shop you against the competition.

But if you have the skill to create positioning strategies for your products and/or services, you can have your online marketing team use that positioning strategy to create compelling ads using PPC marketing, Social Media video marketing….and any other type of online marketing that might arise in the future.

3. Understanding Human Behavior

If you know why your prospects and customers buy and why they don’t buy, you become a nearly unstoppable force as a marketer. Can you do this simply through good data analysis skills? Not exactly. It’s possible to analyze data and to arrive at the wrong conclusions because you don’t understand how and why human beings behave the way they do. I’ve learned that, even when it comes to spending money, most buying behaviors just as much driven by feelings as they are by rational thought.

People want to feel safe when they buy, they want something new and exciting (again, this is why positioning is important) and they want to be respected. If you understand how to hit these primary buying triggers, you can create magic with ANY kind of marketing offline or online.

So, take some time to evaluate how well your marketing plan is performing and if it hits on these key points, and check back in with us for the second series of marketing skills you need to help your business grow.

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