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The Only 3 Rules of Internet Marketing that Matter

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but Internet marketing isn’t that hard.

People make it hard. They chase trends, they experiment with several marketing channels at once. They try to find shortcuts in SEO, Social Media and PPC marketing. If your goal is to get more traffic, more sales and more profits, there are only three rules you need to focus starting right now…

Rule #1: Build Your List

Your list is your most valuable asset for online marketing. Before the internet, people used to pay thousands of dollars for lists of targeted prospects. By using the internet, you can build your own list and establish a relationship with your customers from day one. Just keep these three things in mind when building and marketing to your list.

·         Be generous with your information: become a trusted source of information first and you’ll easily become a trusted source of products and services. If you try to market first, your subscribers will probably ignore your emails.

·         Segment your list: once a prospect becomes a customer, segment them to a separate list according to the product or service they bought. This way, you can market only premium products to them based on their past buying behaviors.

·         Get physical addresses: don’t just collect emails, get physical addresses from your paid customers and use direct mail marketing to accompany your email marketing. Direct mail is harder to ignore and it makes you look more credible.

#2: Build Your Presence

It’s easy to become invisible online, that’s why the best internet marketers do everything they can to build a strong and credible online presence.  Your online presence is established by consistently writing and publishing great content. If you don’t have a content marketing strategy already, start one. Use multi-media like videos, infographics and well-research articles and share them on Social Media sites.

Keep doing it, even if you don’t see immediate results. The more great content you have online, the harder it will be for you to get lost in the sea of competitors and the more traffic you’ll attract to your offer page. Remember that people will research your company before buying from you, so you might as well give them something valuable to read.

#3: Build Your Reputation

Reputation is your most valuable asset in business. But today, your online reputation is paramount to your credibility with prospective customers. Remember, people are already searching for information about your company on the internet. What are they more likely to believe, ads written by your company or positive reviews written by your customers?

If you guessed reviews, you already know why you should be soliciting and publishing positive customer feedback online. Even if your customers already love you and rave about your products or services, you want their reviews posted in a visible place don’t you? This is where review sites like Yelp or even Social Media sites can be a powerful marketing tool.

Now just imagine having scores of authentic, positive reviews, a robust subscriber list and loads of great content published online. That’s all it takes to attract more online traffic, make more sales and build a successful business.

Go make it happen!

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