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The Most Powerful (& Most Obvious) Strategy in Online Marketing?

Online marketing isn’t that hard. In fact, if more people knew how easy it was, I imagine it would be a lot harder because there would be more competition. So I was thinking about this the other day and realized that EVERYONE I’ve seen succeed with online marketing has basically following the same strategy. I know, I’ve made it sound too simple already. But check out these three steps because I think this will make a lot of sense to you…

Step #1: Position Yourself

You’ve heard that the internet is a competitive marketplace, but the competition isn’t the biggest challenge you face online. The modern marketplace is just oversaturated with “me too” brands. There are too many brands, too many companies, too many products and services and not enough customers to support them all. Every niche and product/service category has dozens, hundreds, even thousands of options. Being “better” doesn’t help you stand out from this message because everyone has a list of reasons why they think they’re better.

To stand out in today’s marketplace, you need a positioning strategy; something which makes you one of a kind instead of just another “we’re better” company. Here are a few questions to answer about your current positioning strategy to see if you’re getting it right:

  1. Does your brand have its own unique category which NO other brand can fit into?

  2. Is there a “personality” behind your marketing? (this can be a real person, a fake person or the brand itself)

  3. Are you focusing too much on SEO and not enough on creating a unique brand image?

  4. Do you have an “anti” positioning Strategy? (this would be a list of things you openly stand against as a brand)

  5. What’s the one thing that you’re known for and which you can do better than any of  your competitors?

  6. What’s unique about your company? (this should be something your competitors can’t legally duplicate)

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, or if you’re getting a lot of price resistant customers, you definitely need a new positioning strategy. Once you have this in place, online marketing gets much, much easier.

Step #2: Build a Following

If you want to create sustained success with online marketing, you need a following. You can’t depend on Google to bring you consistent traffic because that traffic could dry up on a moment’s notice. All it would take is a Google algorithm change or another company ousting Google from their “King of the Internet” position. Too many marketers rely on new traffic in order to keep their profits consistent anyway.

Many of these companies end up in trouble when their pipeline of new prospects dries up. Meanwhile, the top online marketers are willing to invest their money into generating leads and building their subscriber list. Even if those leads don’t bring immediate sales, they know that in time they can turn those leads into sales, and more than once. They know that building a list of hungry buyers is the only way to create long term success in online marketing.

Step #3: Feed Your “Tribe” So they Can Feed You

Once you have a list of loyal customers and a solid strategy for building relationships with them, you can create income almost on demand. I can’t stress how incredible profitable this can be. Just imagine having thousands of customers who you could reach at ANY time using email, direct mail or social media marketing. All you’d need to do is keep rewarding your customers for their repeat business and keep creating new products and services which will meet their needs. That’s the final step, and as you can see, it puts you in what Dan Kennedy calls the “income on demand” position.

As you can see, the strategy for making sustainable profits through online marketing is very, very simple. Start with your positioning strategy, and then start building your list. Then, build profits by building relationships with your subscribers.

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