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The Most Compelling Reason Direct Mail Won’t Go Away

Can you guess what the #1 ranked marketing channel was for large companies as of the end of 2012? It wasn’t SEO, social media or email marketing. It was direct mail marketing. US Advertisers spend an average of $167 per new customer on direct mail advertisements and generate just over $2000 in revenue, equaling a stunning 1300% ROI. (source:

Makes you want to rethink your marketing budget doesn’t it?

There are scores of marketing gurus chanting about how you need to start using social media and building an online presence. While those are definitely important, most of the marketing “experts” don’t seem concerned about whether you’re still using direct mail.

Some of them even consider it out of date. But you’re about to discover how the popularity of the internet has made direct mail marketing even more relevant and more effective than ever.

Direct Mail is the Trump Card for New Client Acquisition did a study just last year which proved that direct mail was more effective than email, SEO or affiliate marketing for acquiring new clients. Over the past few years, this response rate for direct mail has increased nearly 15% while email response rates have dropped nearly 60%. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you know what’s really going on in the economy.

In 2011, the Epsilon Research Channel Preference Study revealed that direct mail is still the top choice of US and Canadian consumers. 26% of these consumers considered direct mail to be more trustworthy than email, social media or SEO marketing. The statistics on direct mail marketing just get more and more surprising and promising the more you look at them.

The growth of the internet hasn’t changed this. In fact, if anything, the internet has made direct mail marketing even MORE important to your companies image and ROI. This is because of a simple shift in the way consumers view brands in the modern marketplace.

From the Age of Advertising to the Age of Trust

Did you know that the age of advertising only started about one hundred years ago? From the early 1900s until just a few years ago, winning customers was all about being bigger and louder and prettier. That’s changing rapidly. The information age has equipped modern consumers with the tools to research companies before they buy products from them.

Today’s consumers don’t just take things at face value anymore. They question and examine everything, sometimes to an excess. Nearly 50% of the searches conducted online are searches for information on products and services. 7 to 9 out of ten consumers consult peer reviews before making a buying decision.

And consumers are already bombarded with advertisements, they can find those anywhere. So today, consumers aren’t looking for the biggest, loudest and most visible companies. They’re looking for companies they can trust. When you send a printed letter to your customers, you instantly make yourself more credible. You demonstrate that you have some economic fuel driving your company.

This suggests that you’re not just a fly by night Internet Company which popped up today and will be gone tomorrow. That’s why direct mail has such a high response rate. The more saturated the online marketplace becomes, the more important it will become for you to find other ways of standing out and setting your brand apart.

Are you starting to see why more large companies depend on direct mail and how direct mail could become YOUR #1 marketing channel for acquiring new clients?

If so, call MSI right now and ask what our direct mail and printing services can do for your business. You could be missing a lot of market share by relying only on internet marketing methods.

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