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The Man Who “Knew” too Much About PPC Marketing

Is PPC Marketing more of an expense than SEO or Social Media?

If you think so, you’ve got the process of PPC marketing backwards and YOU might be the glass ceiling of your business. PPC marketing can be more cost effective than SEO, by a long shot...especially if you’re just starting out.

This man’s story is an embarrassing example of why this is true…

The Biggest Marketing Expense You’ll Ever Pay?

Last month I struck up a conversation with financial advisor while I was doing some work at Starbucks.

He started telling me about his acarpous practice and lack of progress in securing new customer accounts. The more I listened, the sadder it got. He was working at Walmart during the day and scrambling for clients at night. Apparently, he’s been stuck in this pattern for years.

When I asked him about his marketing, he told me that he had a website but was struggling to post content and work on his search engine rankings for a VERY competitive keyword. He’d been doing this for years and based on what he told me, he’d probably spent hundreds of hours at it.

I asked him why he wasn’t using PPC Marketing and he said that he “couldn’t afford the expense.” I spent about 30 seconds trying to explain how he could easily turn a $500 investment into thousands using PPC marketing. But he was so hung up on my use of the word “investment” that he completely missed my point.

He kept insisting that PPC was an expense, not an investment. We’re talking about a guy who could land one client and make thousands of dollars right away, and tens of thousands more over the years that followed. Yet, he wouldn’t invest $5 to $7 dollars a click to attract more clients because when he sat down with his marketing budget, he wrote PPC marketing in the “expense” column.

Ironically, his expertise as a financial advisor was keeping him from using his expertise as a financial advisor to earn money as a financial advisor. I felt so bad I almost bought him a coffee…almost. This is a perfect example of how the wrong mindset can be the biggest marketing expense you’ll ever pay.

An expense oriented mindset can keep you from using a rock solid marketing strategy like PPC and cause you to instead pursue the illusion of “FREE” traffic. If you’re not using PPC marketing and you’re still trying to “get your business of the ground” using SEO or social media, I challenge you to do this simple calculation…

PPC Marketing, SEO and “FREE” Traffic

Based on what I know about financial advisors, the guy you just read about probably could have been making $250 an hour instead of the $12 he was probably making at Wally world. Yet, he’d probably invested at least 100 hours into “free” SEO strategies. But let’s be super conservative and say he’d only worked 100 hours and let’s use his $12 wage to figure out just how much his expense focused mindset was costing him.

100 hrs X $12 per hour = $1,200.

That’s how much “FREE” SEO was costing him, and that’s not considered the cost of being stuck at Walmart making $12 because he wasn’t building his practice fast enough.

Assuming he’d pay $12 per click, a reasonably good PPC campaign would have earned him one client per 100 visits. If that client only worked with him for 10 hours (which is unheard of, but we’re being conservative), he’d make more than he’d spent. He could have invested that back into his PPC campaign (which would work for him even while he was at his day job) and built up a full time clientele making $250 an hour.

Bottom line, PPC marketing only costs money when you lose money.  PPC could have freed this guy from his self-imposed prison of working for $12 an hour.

So let me ask you again…

Is PPC Marketing more of an expense than SEO or Social Media?

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