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The Internet and Direct Mail Marketing – A Fine Pair

In the early 1980’s, the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) was standardized and the world-wide network of interconnected TCP/IP networks called the Internet was introduced. Commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) emerged in the late 1990’s. The Internet was commercialized in 1995 when final restrictions regarding commercial traffic on the Internet were lifted. It wasn’t long before savvy marketers began using the Internet for advertising, integrating direct mail marketing and on-line sales. Direct mail marketing paired with the Internet, still remain the most cost-effective and efficient advertising technique available to a wide range of businesses and industries.

To benefit from using the Internet in conjunction with a direct mail marketing campaign, consider the following suggestions:

Use postcards or self-mailers – Target your audience, design an eye-catching piece with a relevant offer that will capture the recipient’s attention immediately. You only have a couple of seconds before the piece is rated as a “keeper.” Use your web address or landing page prominently on the piece.

Create a sense of urgency with your advertising method – using shorter deadlines for an exceptional offer at your website, can create urgency and frequently results in increasing sales.

Improve your shopping cart’s appearance and operation – one of the common problems with websites today is the high rate of shopping cart abandonment. Many online entrepreneurs spend vast amounts of money on their site, only to falter due to nonfunctional or complicated check out pages. Make sure tight security is obvious.

Keep your advertising copy concise and to the point – avoid writing lengthy letters and trying to sell yourself. Granted, trust is important, but the recipient needs to know what's in it for them, not how wonderful you are.

Offer your potential clients or customers something of value – create an offer that is relevant to your potential customer. Offering FREE items can attract potential clients or customers to your website to see what other values they can take advantage of.

Use SEO content on your home or landing page – the home or landing page of your website serves as a bridge between your direct mail venues and your web pages. It gives the interested visitor a reason to continue viewing what you have to offer.

Using direct mail marketing in conjunction with online marketing methods can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line. Think about who your potential customers are, what the buttons are you need to push, and the best ways to market to them. Give them what they want or need, plainly, concisely, simply. Make it easy for them to contact you and to make a purchase or schedule a service.

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