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The Future of SEO: New Google Algorithm Updates Part 3

Part 3 of 3: The Future of SEO and What We Need To Know

So far we’ve talked about a new technology called RankBrain, and Google’s algorithm as a whole. But what’s next for SEO marketing? Where do we go from here when not just the technology is changing, but so is the industry as a whole? It’s important for content producers to keep an eye to the future when developing and creating content.

Beyond Googling

Google owns two-thirds of the market when it comes to web searches, and has been the focus of our series so far. However, there are several things happening within the industry that may change the dominating hold Google has. For one, industry mergers within search engines can cloud the difference between them. Yahoo, for example, is powered by both Bing and Google and is a search engine all its own. That means it will be using aspects from both to power its search results and the ads that it displays. Results from these engines will soon be almost indistinguishable. These search engines are also relying more and more on third party apps to help with their search results. So a business needs to have a good standing in those apps to get a good ranking with Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

What’s app?

More and more users are searching things on the go, using apps on their mobile phones and tablets. No longer do they need to pull up a web browser and search for a specific restaurant or store. There are apps that do the searching for you, and provide the best results pulled from all search engines. SEO strategies going forward will need to include ways to get mentioned within these apps and within the search results produced by these apps. Even better, creating an app is a great way to go as well, if you have the budget and the know-how.

Apple taking a bite

More and more people are going mobile, and Apple is a huge player in mobile phones. Currently, the Safari web browser that comes with all iPhones and iPads has a search function powered by whatever engine a user likes. However, they are developing their own search algorithms to provide their own search engine with its own set of determinations. Its digital assistant, Siri, is also changing the game. Siri will not only search the web, but will search anything connected to you, such as your personal files, purchased apps, and cloud documents to return personalized results along with the results provided by the outside search engine.

User experience is most important

Surveys amongst SEO experts show that the user experience will be more and more important as time goes on. The way to stay ahead of competitors is to provide an engaging and easy-to-navigate website, and a great product. As search engines get more sophisticated, they will be able to gauge how user-friendly a site is, and how well regarded the product is. There is no easy path to success. Creativity and a focus on the customer will continue to be the keys to unlocking a successful SEO strategy.

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