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The Customer Experience and Return Business

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever because they can research to their hearts’ content at home, in a comfortable chair, in real time. They can compare prices, availability, quality, reviews, and even judge you on your website appearance and user-friendliness (functionality).

Happy, emotionally fulfilled customers, however, don’t necessarily search for something “better.” These consumers are your foundation. Cultivating their loyalty can be well worth the effort.

Relationship marketing and customer loyalty programs pay for themselves and can increase return on investment because it is usually less expensive to retain customers than to mine for prospects. This is, of course, basic marketing common sense, but we sometimes need to be reminded that loyalty goes both ways. This is not to say we don’t need to continually seek new loyal customers; we do. But we should also appreciate what we have, right now.

The next time you are forming a direct marketing campaign, consider something like the following to show your customers how important they are to you:

  1. A simple point system for frequent customers to earn points which translate into some type of reward.
  2. An upfront fee for VIP benefits so they can bypass common purchase blockers or step to the head of the line for services.
  3. A discount on future orders to customers who spend a certain amount.
  4. A yearly gift card for your top customers.
  5. A contest or game with a minimum prize for all and a grand prize for one.

Engaging people in social media can also help cultivate positive relationships. The interaction with your company, from receptionists in call centers to on-the-ground service technicians, convey your brand. If everything you do in your business is geared toward customer satisfaction and retention, it will shine through every experience the customer has with your company.

The team at Mailing Systems Inc. thrives on helping businesses succeed. Give us a call and let’s get creative with your customer retention and loyalty program!

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