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Surprise: Direct Mail Marketing Can Make Your Social Media MORE Successful

Did you know that social media marketing can make your direct mail marketing more profitable? Everyone is talking about social media marketing, but according to the data, most businesses aren’t having a lot of success in measuring how effective their social media marketing campaigns are.

I believe this is because they’re expecting conversions from their social media efforts instead of using social media to support and to strengthen their conversions in their other marketing campaigns including:

  • PPC
  • Direct Mail
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Let’s look at some stats and some tips for leveraging social media to boost your conversions in other marketing channels….

Marketing Study Reveals Interesting Insight About Social Network Users

People who are engaged on social media sites are more likely to respond to other types of marketing. According to a study done by Marketreach, customers who have used a social networking site in the past year are 29% more likely to “be heavy responders to direct mail.” It also revealed that 45% of all social network users have responded to direct mail by:

  • Using a coupon they got in the mail (25%)
  • Keeping the coupon for later (18%)
  • Passed the coupon to someone else (10%)
  • Tried a new product or service (9%)
  • Paid more attention to the ad (8%)

Makes you want to rethink your lead gathering strategy doesn’t it?  If you’re pulling leads off of your social networking sites, you should gather more than just email addresses. Gather mailing addresses too, and target the people who are most engaged on your social media sites. Start putting together a small targeted list of the users on your social networking pages who are most engaged.

Select them based on common interests and make the list as targeted as possible. Remember, these customers are nearly 30% more likely to respond, so these are the best direct mail leads you can hope for.

When you ask customers for reviews, ask them to post the reviews on your Facebook wall. This way, you have a review that you can turn into a graphic, print it out on a direct mailer and use it to add social proof and credibility to your direct mailers.

You can repurpose these reviews on your website to encourage longer stay time (thus, a lower bounce rate and better rankings). You can use them on your PPC landing pages and in the emails you send to your customers.

This way, you use the engagement on your social media sites to add social proof to ALL your other marketing campaigns through reviews that customers post on your social media pages.

Making direct sales isn’t always the best way to use social media. In fact, it’s one of the worst uses of social media. Social media is a place to engage your customers who have already bought from you and to build a list of highly qualified leads for marketing additional products to and for gathering reviews which can be used in all your other marketing campaigns.

The more you use your different marketing channels to support one another and to drive more conversions to your business, the bigger and more credible your brand will become and the more profitable your marketing will become.



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