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Search Engine Optimization for 2013: a Pop Quiz

Would you rather have $1,000 now or a GUARANTEED spot at the top of the Google search engine results 24 months from now?

Seems like a no brainer right? You’d take the number one spot at the top of Google and make that $1,000 look like a lost penny in a sea of gold bullion. But I challenge you to look at how you’re answering that question with your SEO plan for 2013.

Do you have your Google Author account set up and connected to your blog?

Do you have a social media strategy for getting more organic backlinks and social signals (likes, Twitter shares etc) to your blog posts and offer pages?

Are you firing the “1,000,0000,0000 back links for just $4.99” providers who are linking your website to spam sites and link farms?

Most important, what’s your strategy for getting your customers to write online reviews about your company, to comment on your blog posts and to co-promote your brand?

Do a quick search for your service type and see how many reviews come up in the search results. Some review sites like Yelp are probably ranking ahead of your website and your competitors’ websites.

With anywhere from 7 to 9 out of ten consumers consulting peer reviews before they make buying decisions, it’s no surprise that Google is making reviews more visible than websites in some search engine results.

What do you plan on doing about this in 2013?

If you don’t know yet, you’re already falling far behind. Even as you’re reading this, Google is winding up to throw another curveball at online marketers. What will they name the next update? The Kuala Bear update? The tree frog update? How about the gargantuan, 180 foot prehistoric squid that will wrap its tentacles around your website and pull it down to the abyss of spam sites and other sunken remnants of the SEO past?

Unless you like the sound of that, it’s time to discover what the “X Factor” is in your SEO playbook…

SEO, Diet Pills and The Biggest Loser Workout

You know how to lose 30 lbs of ugly fat?

I know, you’ve heard the joke “cut off your head” right?

Actually, that’s not where I was going. Losing 30lbs just takes the right diet and a good consistent exercise program. We all know that, we saw the biggest loser. They didn’t use the cabbage soup diet or 8 minute abs. They didn’t sit around in circles chanting “oommm” and watching their belly fat disappear. They rolled up their sleeves and they paid the price…for weeks and weeks and weeks, and the results took care of themselves. They injected the missing variable that keeps a person from succeeding at anything, including weight loss and including SEO.

The “X Factor” is looking for the magic fix.

People who succeed at anything succeed because they STOP believing in fairy tales and they start making things happen. You say you’d rather have the top Google search result in 24 months, but if you’re willing to give up $1,000 for it, why aren’t you investing that into changing your SEO strategy for 2013?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not where you want to be. Most people are not where they want to be because they believe there’s an easy, low cost way to get there. Maybe that’s why the diet industry makes BILLIONS of dollars a year selling whacky diets like the “Fiji Ancient Seaweed Diet,” and pills that promise to melt body fat like butter sliding off a hot griddle.

But successful people don’t chase rainbows, they’re too busy making it rain dollar bills. If you want to get on top of the search engine results, maybe it’s time to stamp out the X Factor, roll up your sleeves and pay the price.

Of course the search engine optimization experts at MSI can help. If you’re ready to get serious about that position on Google page one, we’d love to hear from you. But even if you don’t call us right now, stop chasing rainbows and start doing what you know already works. 

Make it a great year.

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