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Search Engine Optimization and 3 Errors of Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to be the new buzz word in discussions about search engine optimization.

What is content marketing and how can it help you get more traffic and more sales online? Based on what I’m reading on the internet these days, a lot of people still don’t get content marketing. Even some of the companies selling content marketing services don’t have it right.

So in this article I’m going to break down the common errors that companies are making with their content and how they can turn their approach, and their results, around.

Error #1: Content Marketers Aren’t Thinking Media Companies

Content marketing doesn’t work for a lot of companies because they’re not actually doing content marketing. They’re writing content yes, but there’s a huge difference between writing content and building a marketing plan that’s content driven. To create a good content marketing strategy, you have to take off the marketers hat long enough to create content that will have intrinsic value to the reader.

This means instead of promoting your products or services, you write content that will promote itself because your customers and your prospective customers get value out of reading it. In other words, think like a media company. Ask yourself if your content is good enough for your customers to pay for if it were published in a magazine.  

If it’s not, go back to the drawing board and build a content publishing strategy that will make you a trusted source of quality content instead of just a company promoting products.

Error #2: Content Marketers Are Marketing Too Much

Direct marketing still works, but prospects have to be warmed up first. That’s why you need a content marketing strategy that establishes you as a trusted source of information instead of just a company promoting products and services. You have to break down the walls of fear and skepticism before you can aggressively market your products and services.

Yet, hundreds of companies hop on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and talk ONLY about their products or services. This is not content marketing. It’s not even social media marketing. It’s direct marketing disguised as content marketing. This is why so many companies aren’t fully grasping the power of social media marketing and content marketing. They believe they’re doing it, but they’re not getting results.

Again, become a trusted source of information first. It’s easier to convert someone to a paying customer if they’re already reading your content. But if you do nothing but promote, you’ll lose market share to the companies who earn trust first.

Error #3: Content Marketers Aren’t Respecting the Process

Content marketing has a longer incubation period than direct marketing. This is why a lot of companies aren’t being consistent with their content publishing. They put up some blogs or publish a few newsletters, then they sit back and wait for the traffic and the sales to roll in. When nothing comes, they assume content marketing is just another fad that will fade.

But content marketing doesn’t have an immediate ROI like direct mail does. It’s a tortoise and the hare game. It rewards those who are diligent and who know how to sow the right seeds. Start by becoming a trusted source of quality information. Study some of the magazines which your target market reads. Ask how you can also become a trusted publisher of quality information, then get your plan started and don’t quit.

The results and the rankings will come. Remember that Consumers used to depend on the media to provide them with trusted content. Today, consumers are more likely to search the internet. But since the internet is crammed with poor information, trustworthy information is hard to come by. If you become the company who provides it, you’ll earn the attention and the trust of your target market.

Do this and sales will become much, much easier. That’s how content marketing  can help you drive more traffic and sales online.

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