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Response Mechanisms – Don’t Forget the BRM

Best Practices for direct mail marketing copy content includes a great offer (relevant to your target audience and product or service), a sense of urgency ("expiration date" or "limited supply"), a strong call to action (what the recipient needs to do to take advantage of the great offer), and an appropriate response mechanism (How do they respond?).

Consider this: the easier it is for someone to respond, the more likely they will do so. Some audiences prefer emailing or visiting landing pages, some prefer using the phone. If the intent is to have the recipient visit the retail outlet, then the proper call to action and response would be to visit the store and present the mail piece (coupon) in person.

An under-used but extremely effective response mechanism is the Business Reply Card (BRC). A pre-paid response that is simply dropped in the mail is easy for even the busiest person to use. The BRC is also an effective tool for cross-selling. Business Reply The power of this response mechanism is enhanced by the ability to educate prospects and customers about a broader range of your business, and gives you the opportunity to keep the conversation going.

Make it as easy as possible for your audience to contact you. A phone number is ok, a web site is ok, and a BRC is ok. Give them three choices, and you will probably relate to a communication avenue that they find comfortable and easy.

The MSI team can set you up with a Business Reply Mail account with the USPS and help you design creatively and technically to make sure you have a winning direct mail marketing campaign. If you would like to learn more about the BRM program, please call your Sales Representative or our office to find out more about effective response mechanisms. 1-800-814-0171. Local 916-631-7400.

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