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Read This Article on SEO, I Want to Sell You Something

Why are you reading this article right now?

Probably because of the irony. Here’s a marketer TELLING you that he’s out to make a sale. It’s a little out of place isn’t it? Yet, this is exactly what your customers see when they read articles that just talk about your company and what you have to offer.

People don’t care. Sorry to be so blunt, but we all know it’s true. When customers search for information online, how many of them are saying:

“I sure hope I find a great advertisement so I can buy something.”

People want useful, verifiable information that will help them solve their problems and make smart buying decisions or that will entertain them. That’s why people read trade magazines, websites, review sites and articles in the newspaper.

People LOVE to buy things, but they hate advertisements. That’s one of the primary things to keep in mind when you’re writing your search engine optimization content. Ultimately, what you’re after is trust, not rankings. TRUST builds rankings. Trust makes you an authority and earning trust can help you earn a ton of money.

If You Build it RIGHT, They WILL Come

You’ve probably heard SEO experts and web design companies squawking at people for having the “if you build it they will come,” mentality. They claim that if you assume your website will automatically attract visitors, you’re making a mistake.

Excuse me, but have you noticed that this still happens…even today?

Take sites like Facebook and Twitter. Someone built those, and people came. A WHOLE LOT of people. Billions of users flocked to these social media hang outs and the numbers are still growing. So apparently, you can build a website that people just come to.

But you need to give people what they want.

You need to give them useful content that’s relevant to their lives and that helps them make smarter buying decisions. You might not even have to talk about your products or your services at all. If you build trust with your readers, and if they represent your target market, the sales will come, here’s why…

Create Trust and the Rankings Will Follow

If people come to trust you as a source of dependable and entertaining information, how easy will it be to earn their business once they decide they need your products or services? Pretty easy. Just look at how easy it is to sell advertising in a popular magazine that has high readership. The people trust the content in that magazine, and the advertisers make sales.

If you create content that builds that level of trust with people, you’ll become your own media company. You’ll make money through your own advertisements. But it starts with publishing trustworthy content. People buy from companies that they trust. That’s been true since long before the internet was ever created and the internet hasn’t changed that.

The internet HAS, however, made it easier for customers to do business ONLY with the companies they can trust. This is why earning trust with your content needs to be your number one priority.

So get Your Google author account set up, start a solid content marketing strategy and start giving people what they want. The time will come when those readers are ready to buy your services, and if they trust you, you’ll be the first person they come to.

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