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PROOF! Direct Mail Marketing is More Trustworthy than Online Marketing

Did you know that consumers consider direct mail marketing to be more trustworthy than online marketing?

While most marketers are jazzed up about email marketing, social media, SEO and PPC marketing, many of them are neglecting the “old school” methods like direct mail and telemarketing. But the data continues to prove that the “trust factor” of direct mail marketing creates higher conversion rates than online marketing.

When direct mail is done right, the higher conversion rates more than make up for the extra money invested into printing and mailing. Here are a few results from some studies that prove this…

(Note: I found some of the following statistics while reading Dan Kennedy’s new Book “No BS Trust-Based Marketing.”)

Consumers Say Direct Mail Marketing is More Trustworthy

In 2011, the Epsilon Research Channel Preference Study revealed that direct mail is still the top choice of US and Canadian consumers. The preference also covered the age bracket between 18 and 34, breaking the myth that the younger generation is more likely to respond to online marketing.

26% of these consumers considered direct mail to be the MOST trustworthy type of media. Half of them said they pay MORE attention to direct mail than they do to email and 60% of them claimed to enjoy seeing what was in their daily mail. How many people do you know who enjoy checking their email?

Only 6% of the consumers considered social media to be trustworthy (which ought to challenge the way you do social media).  21% of them found Newspapers to be the most trustworthy form of media. But 18% considered direct mail to the most trustworthy. That’s triple the amount of people who found social media trustworthy.

Another study by Direct Marketing News revealed that 98% of consumers retrieve their mail on the day of delivery and 71% of them sort and read it the same day. Meanwhile, the open rates for emails have been in steady decline over the past few years. On top of this, direct mail brings in nearly 80% of the donations for non-for-profits, a field where trust is the primary selling point (source:

Another report from revealed that direct mail response rates have increased by 14% over the past few years while email response rates are down nearly 60%. As of the end of 2012, direct mail also remained the #1 marketing channels for large businesses, SEO/website marketing came second, while email marketing came in third.

So here’s the question…

Can You Afford NOT to Be Using Direct Mail?

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’re going to need direct mail marketing. Companies who rely only on internet marketing are making a common and costly mistake. They’re following the trends instead of following the evidence about what produces results. Of course, SEO, email and social media are still important, but they shouldn’t be your only means of reaching customers.

If they are, you’re in danger of losing market share to the competitor who discovers the high “trust factor” of direct mail marketing. So it’s time to start your first direct mail campaign today. A huge untapped pool of opportunity is waiting on you, and you need to act before your competitors catch on.

Call MSI right now and ask about our direct mail and printing solutions. Remember, trust is the currency of the new economy. If you want to earn more of it, you need to give people what they consider to be truly trustworthy.

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