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Project Managers – Process through Production

Welcome to the third article in our series highlighting the MSI team.  Our Project Managers work closely with customers, sales and production departments to create job orders that are accurate and detailed. They manage multiple jobs by first generating work orders, then tracking the jobs through multiple processes that result in mailings or deliveries. Project managers ensure that the production and delivery processes for your jobs run smoothly and timely. Many of you have had the pleasure of working with our Project Managers in conjunction with the Sales Team. Please take time to read and learn a bit about Dona, Ana and Arthur, as we match faces and smiles with emails and phone calls.

Dona Malek has been a Project Manager with MSI for eight years. Her longevity is a testament to her belief in MSI’s ongoing mission of helping customers succeed. Dona is part of a dedicated staff of professionals who support one another to get jobs done. Dona’s can-do attitude and personable demeanor elicit trust among clients who know she will take care of their projects from beginning to end.

Dona Malek

Dona Malek

Dona likes and appreciates how the owners and employees of MSI don't hesitate to go the extra mile, and how they step in where ever needed, including caring about and helping co-workers AND their families.

Typical days for Dona are “Chaos…ANYthing can happen, and it does.” When asked about the upcoming political season here at MSI, Dona says it will be “busy, busy, busy… and the huge amount of mail generally makes our large warehouse floors look like an ant farm,” and adds, “The hours will be long and the turnaround time for jobs extremely fast (to meet the tight time frames of the Political Campaign Managers).” Dona would like to give you a heads up that political mail has already started so you can plan for a little extra time for your jobs during this Preliminary Election cycle.

When not helping customers and managing projects through the shop, Dona enjoys scrapbooking, card making and wine tasting – yep, sometimes all at the same time.  Dona has a passion for travel and works hard so she can indulge in her favorite pastime. But wait, there are more hours in the day! Volunteerism is big in Dona’s day to day life. She volunteers with the First Covenant Church, Grief Share Ministries, welcoming and supporting refugee families, and at Winter Sanctuary that houses the homeless during the winter months, by giving manicures.

Dona is a “Sactown Girl” having been raised in Sacramento. She has one grown son, Marco. She has not been in the military but gives a shout out to those who have made the choice to serve our country.

One of Dona’s customers wrote a thank you note expressing his appreciation for Dona’s work over the years. This email illustrates the great relationships Dona builds with MSI customers.

John (Millet)


For some time now, I’ve been meaning to send you a note acknowledging Dona and the value she adds to our projects. Last year we sent just over 20,000 mailings for cancer screenings to Sutter Health patients. This was a new project for SPS and the pressure was on to deliver on the (high) expectations set with our clients. She jumped in and helped us figure out how to get it done. As a result, our clients were extremely satisfied and the program has grown and gain credibility. Her efforts and can-do attitude definitely contributed to that success.


One of the great things about Dona is that she quickly assimilates information and appreciates the complexity and importance of the work we are involved in. Her commitment to excellence consistently shows in her work particularly when it comes to delivering on quality, accuracy and meeting a tight timelines.  These are some of my top priorities and she never lets me down.


In my view, Dona is a top notch professional and MSI is a better organization having her on board.


Brian Marsh
Sutter Physician Services
Associate Director
Disease Management Programs

Ana Boddy began working for MSI July 16th of 2007. She has the energy and the positive can-do attitude required to be a successful Project Manager. I asked Ana what a typical work day was like for her. This is her answer, with all its glorious frankness and honesty.


Ana Boddy

“I wake up at 5 a.m., take a shower and get ready for work, arrive to work around 7 a.m.  -  then, chaos starts!  In between dealing with a busy work load, customer demands, management demands, sales people demands, and all other departments’ demands, I lose my mind and try to accomplish as much as I can, make as few mistakes as possible, and try to please all involved in the process.  (She is a consummate professional!) After work, I head to the Brazilian Center to volunteer for another 3 to 8 hours a day, depending on the day of the week, then I go home, eat dinner, shower, and try to decompress for a couple hours while watching TV, or reading a book, or playing a puzzle. Then it’s off to bed.”

Ana likes the commitment MSI has with our customers and how we consistently develop innovative solutions to help them succeed. But, most of all, aside from the bad days, “yes I do have them, we all do,” Ana really loves what she does. She gets to put into practice some of the material she learned in college which also makes being a Project Manager very pleasant and fulfilling.

Ana was an English teacher for 5 years. She is currently in partnership with her sister, who is presently running their teaching and tutoring business at home in Brazil.

During political season at MSI, the days become a mind boggling marathon for Project Managers of organizing and tracking millions of pieces of mail throughout the plant. This is where you will find Ana, in her element, working calmly and efficiently.

Before joining MSI, Ana worked for DST OUTPUT, a customer she current manages, for seven years. She started as a Machine Operator and after four years was promoted to Production Lead and then Production Supervisor.

Ana grew up in sunny, warm and humid Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her entire family lives in Brazil, but Ana is adventuresome and came to America where she now works and volunteers at the Brazilian Center for Cultural Exchange of Sacramento. She teaches local community children Portuguese and English, Brazilian Culture and Folklore, and also tutors them with their homework and school projects. Ana also enjoys reading, playing with puzzles and other brain exercise activity and hanging out at the beach when she can find the time.

Ana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising and an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Drafting. She speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, and she is Red Cross Certified in CPR.

Here is kudos for Ana and MSI from Karla Winter with Technology Sales Resource Interactive that is illustrative of her loyalty to her customers and MSI.

Hi Joe (COO MSI),

I am one of your clients and wanted to pass on praise for Ana Boddy.

One of my clients, Big Hairy Dog, told me about MSI and I decided to give MSI a try.  We are a full-service sales and marketing agency and have printing needs that include postcards, data sheets, event signage, etc.  I have been working with Ana – all through email and phone – and I just want to say that she does a wonderful job.  When I ask for a quote on a print job, I always have it within 24 hours and she has never let me down when I’ve come to her with a tight print deadline.  She recently completed an urgent job that needed to arrive in Hawaii today.  Ana is terrific and I will continue to send work her way!


Karla T. Winter

Director of Marketing

Technology Sales Resource Interactive (TSRI)

Arthur has been in the printing business for 21 years, adding mailing services to his resume when he began working for MSI five years ago. Arthur handles a great deal of our specialty marketing products orders and manages projects for several of our sales team members.

Daily work at MSI is challenging, hectic and productive. Arthur is busy mentally preparing for the upcoming Political Season which brings with it longer hours and weeks. He will be creating order and tracking progress for the increased work load.

Arthur believes MSI’s success, and customers’ success, come from the state of the art technologies we employ, as well as all Arthur O'Brienthe hard workers who are willing to put customers’ needs ahead of their own. Personally, he likes the challenge that comes with new jobs or new problems to solve every day.

Arthur grew up in Boston, Massachusetts with his mom and brother and sister. It would be fair to say he is the most enthusiastic Boston Red Sox fan in California, and wears the colors proudly.  Go Red Sox!

We give a big Kudos and Thank You to Arthur for his nine years of service in US Air Force Intelligence Operations.

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