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PPC Marketing: In House or Outsourced?

Are you debating whether to handle your PPC Marketing in house or have it outsourced to an agency? There are some advantages to both of course, and if you’re on a shoestring budget it might seem like a no brainer to manage your PPC marketing in house.

But what if you outsourcing your PPC marketing would lead to lower bid rates, higher placements, higher conversion rates, higher profits margins and greater ROI?

Of course, coming from a company that offers PPC management services, you might assume MSI is biased in saying that outsourcing will give you better results.

But let’s look at what the unbiased data says…

The Data Proves that PPC Management Agencies Do Better

Marketing reported that 20% of the respondents to a marketing survey on PPC were more satisfied by the results they got from working with a PPC management agency. Meanwhile, only 15% of the respondents stated that they were happy with the performance they were getting from managing their PPC marketing g in house.

Considering that many companies who manage PPC marketing in house have never tried outsourcing, it’s a safe bet that the different in results is quite significant. On top of that, it’s important to consider that being “satisfied with the results,” isn’t exactly an objective answer.

Of those 15% who are satisfied with the results of managing their PPC in house, how many of them would get better results if they took those same PPC campaigns and outsourced them to someone who could further optimize them for better placements, lower costs per click and higher ROI?

Okay, so now we sound bias. But if you’re managing your PPC in house, it’s smart to consider the benefit of outsourcing it, even if you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting in house.

How much more opportunity are you missing? What additional value and insight could a PPC specialist bring to the table? If you’d like to find out, just call us. You might be surprised what some extra experience and expertise can do for your profits.

Not Using PPC Yet? Here’s What You Could Be Missing…

If you’re not using PPC marketing yet, but you’re thinking about it, you’re probably spending a lot of your online marketing budget on SEO and social media. But have you considered how much more visibility you get by using PPC marketing?

According to data from Founder’s Blog, organic search results take up only 20% of the search results while the other 80% is dominated by sponsored ads. Of course, the argument would be that organic search results get a higher response rate, which they do. But a customer is also in a different stage of the buying process when they’re searching the organic results.

Marketing Pilgrim  recently published an article which reported the results of a study from Forrester research. As it turns out, PPC is more effective than social media when it comes to gathering new sales. Social media was reported to be a better strategy for building brand awareness and for managing customer relationships.

It also revealed that search engine traffic (organic) was a better source for lead generation and that the sales were made on the follow ups using email marketing.  So according to the data, PPC marketing is one of the top online marketing strategies for grabbing immediate sales from the customers who are ready to buy RIGHT NOW.

Considering that, and considering that businesses which use PPC management agencies are statistically more satisfied, maybe it’s time to call MSI to discuss your PPC campaign. You might be surprised at how quickly you can capture new business when you’re targeting the customers who are ready to buy right away.

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