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PPC Marketing & Aesop’s Golden Goose

PPC marketing can do a whole lot more than bring you traffic.

It can help you build a passive income stream and increase the financial stability of your business. It all depends on whether you manage your PPC marketing campaigns for short term income or long term equity. So here’s a lesson from the ancient storyteller Aesop and how it applies to the three most essential practices of PPC management.

PPC Marketing and the Golden Goose

One of Aesop’s most famous fables is the story of the farmer and his goose that lays golden eggs. The goose lays one golden egg a day, and the farmer is slowly becoming wealthy. But that’s not enough. The farmer wants more than one egg a day. So he tries feeding the goose more often, exercising it and even rewarding it with premium feed every time it lays a golden egg.

But the goose keeps plodding along at the pace of one egg a day. Blinded by greed, the farmer slaughters the goose, cuts it open and starts clawing at its insides in search of golden eggs. But he finds only guts. The farmer is left with no golden eggs, no goose and no long term wealth…all because he was in a big hurry to speed things up.

Marketers make the same mistake with PPC marketing. They see some sales coming in and they immediately start expanding their PPC campaigns to include more keywords. They assume that by attracting more traffic to a PPC landing page that’s already converting, they’ll make more profits. But the results are rarely positive because they neglect the PPC marketing principles that made them successful in the first place.

Here are a few basic things you should always apply when expanding your PPC marketing campaign…

#1: Keep Small & Relevant Keyword Groups

Your keyword groups should always be built around one primary keyword phrase. ALL keywords in your group should be derivatives of this phrase. For example, assuming that your ad group is based on the primary keyword “PPC Management Services,” your keyword group might look like this:

1.       PPC Management Services

2.       PPC Management Services for Small Business

3.       Small Business PPC Management Services

4.       Best PPC Management Services

If this ad group starts converting well, don’t just start adding keywords like “PPC Marketing,” “PPC training” and “PPC coaching” to the list, assuming your conversion rate will stay the same. It won’t. People typing “PPC Marketing” into their search bar might be aspiring (and impoverished) entrepreneurs trying to find out what PPC marketing is while on their lunch break at work.

People looking for PPC Management Services are most likely outsourcers. People looking for PPC Coaching and training are do it yourselfers. You can’t send all these customers to the same landing page and expect to maintain a good conversion rate.

If you want to expand, start a new keyword group for the do it yourselfers, send them to a new landing page and  start the campaign on a small budget until you have a good click through rate, a comfortable ad position and a proven conversion rate.

#2: Split Testing

You should always be testing new versions of our landing page, testing your existing PPC ads against new ones and looking for ways to optimize your PPC conversions, your click through rates and your ad position. Even if something is working now, there’s no guarantee that it will keep working in such a competitive marketplace.

Remember that your competitors want to take your customers. If you’re succeeding, they’ll soon show up with an ad that equals or beats yours. If you expand your budget and stop testing, assuming that your current conversion rate won’t change, you could have a rude awakening when a new competitor arrives one the scene and starts taking your clicks.

Split testing is the best way to keep your fingers on the pulse of your market and keep your PPC marketing performing at peak level.

#3: Adding Reviews to Your PPC Landing Page

Relevant keyword groups are essential in PPC marketing, so is split testing, so is a good bidding strategy, good copywriting and an attractive landing page design. But nothing can take the place of rock solid customer approved credibility.

If you want a PPC landing page that consistently outperforms your competition, make a habit of continuously adding customer reviews to your page. You can never have too many, and the more you have, the harder it will be for your competitors to take your market share by imitating your PPC ads and landing pages.

Want to build a passive income stream and increase the financial stability of your business? Take a lesson from old Aesop’s farmer. Don’t be in a hurry to rake in the golden eggs.

Take care of your goose. Take your time expanding your campaigns. Always be testing, keep your keyword groups relevant and keep adding credibility to your landing page.

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