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Special Direct Mail discount by using QR Codes

Building on last year’s promotional success, the United States Postal Service is offering QR Code discounts for July and August 2012. QR Codes are quickly becoming a staple tool for many businesses looking to reach out to their customers in a constantly-evolving and tech-savvy world. With the USPS offering discounts again this year, this is definitely an advantage business managers should be excited to grab.


• What are QR Codes?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. It is a two-dimensional, black-and-white image which, when photographed by a mobile device, sends the viewer to a website. The QR Code traditionally utilizes a series of squares on a larger square surface in various arrangements and consequently grants a unique identification code.

Before the rise of QR Code popularity, consumers would have to take the time to head to their computers, pull up their web browser, and then type in lengthy URLs to visit the advertised business’s website. In many cases, this process discouraged potential customers from making the effort at all.

• QR Code Benefits for Businesses

With QR Codes, the hassle of copying such addresses is eliminated. With the rise of smartphones, though, the opportunity came for businesses to take advantage of the marketing advantages QR Codes could offer. Not only are QR codes extremely simple, the Codes indicate to the consumer they are dealing with companies on top of relevant technological advances. They also become aware that the businesses using QR Codes care about user convenience.

• USPS QR Code Discount Requirements

To take advantage of the USPS QR Code discounts this year, there are requirements which have to be met. Otherwise, the discount cannot apply. Businesses must register at the Business Customer Gateway at Registration is from May 1 – August 30.

The QR Code must be readable by mobile devices. The Code has to direct users to a mobile-friendly website. The Code must either send the smartphone user to a page where the individual can make a purchase or to a page specific to the individual. Note that websites soliciting online bill pay and paperless statement services will not be accepted.

This USPS offer only applies to mailings which are Standard Mail flats and letters, plus First-Class Mail flats, letters, and cards. Mailings can be sent out beginning July 1 and continue through August 31. The mailings meeting all the USPS requirements will receive a 2% discount. More information can be found here, or you can email the USPS at mobilebarCode(at)

• MSI Can Help!

MSI has the technology available to help businesses take advantage of the USPS QR Code discounts this summer. Not only can we create your business’s QR Code, but we can also set you up with personalized URLs. At MSI, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you everything you need to use the QR Code discount, from the design to the printing. We are here to help your business!

For more information about the QR Code promotion, please contact your MSI sales representative.

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