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Is Stinginess Hurting Your SEO?

I’ve noticed that some marketers don’t like creating content for other people’s sites. They also don’t like sharing other people’s content or linking to other sites. When you ask them why, they always go back to that “fear of the competition” thing. Okay, that’s understandable considering that your job is to get your customers to choose you instead of the competition.

But I’ve noticed that some marketers will fear the competition even to their own detriment. They won’t guest blog because they don’t want to help someone else built up their traffic. They won’t share information which was written or published by other people because they’re afraid that their readers will like the competition better. Is this really the best attitude when you’re trying to market your business?

I say it’s not. In fact, here’s how stinginess can hurt your SEO…

Do You Have the “Go Giver” Mentality?

There’s a great book out there called “The Go Giver,” which talks about how important it is to “let go” of your content if you want to attract more customers. If you’re creating great blogs or great videos but you only publish them on your site, you’re missing a lot of potential traffic. There are probably three or four VERY popular websites in your industry which attract thousands and thousands of YOUR potential customers per day.

Why would you NOT want to get in front of more of those customers? Sure, you’re creating content for someone else’s site. But think about the return on your investment. You could get hundreds of new hits in traffic just from publishing one article. Meanwhile, if you had kept that content to yourself, you might have attracted only a few hits of traffic. Does it make sense to give up that kind of opportunity just to keep your competitor from having ONE MORE blog on their site?

Just try letting your content go and seeing what it brings back to you over time. You’ll find that the Go Giver mentality will get you a lot more bottom line results than you could ever get by trying to keep all the glory for yourself.

Are You an Anomaly in Your Niche?

If you’re worried about linking to other people’s sites or publishing content on their sites for fear that your customers will “better deal you” for the competition, you’re not well-positioned. Positioning is the strategy which you use to create a brand new category which your product or your service belongs to. It’s creating a brand personality which can’t be duplicated by the competition and which will set you and your brand apart from every other option out there.

This is the “USP” (Unique Selling Position) which you hear people talk about. Once you create a solid USP, you’ll have nothing to fear from the competition because your readers will see you as a one-of-a-kind solution which they can’t find anywhere else. If you don’t already have a USP, the time to start creating one is now. This will become more and more important as the online marketplace becomes more saturated and competitive.

So if you’ve been worried about guest blogging or content sharing for fear of losing your readers to the competition, stop worrying. Be a go giver, and let your content go out into the world where it can create you some backlinks and raise people’s awareness about your brand. The more socially viral your brand becomes, the easier it will be for you to gain top rankings and to attract qualified traffic.

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