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Is Dan Kennedy’s Material on Direct Mail Marketing Still Valid?

I was on a marketing forum the other day, and found this question in one of the subforums about direct mail marketing:

“I’m wondering if Dan Kennedy’s teachings on direct mail marketing are still valid? Things have changed a lot since email marketing and I think his stuff might be out of date, I think direct mail might be slowly becoming obsolete…what do you guys think?”

I didn’t post a response as I don’t believe in ripping people apart on public forums. But, this question ^ is a prime example of a marketer who just doesn’t get it. Dan Kennedy’s teachings on direct mail are not only still valid, they’re more valid and relevant now than they’ve ever been.

Here’s why….

New Technology, Same Old People

Dan Kennedy’s advice on direct mail marketing will always be relevant because, unlike many “no name” marketing experts, Dan teaches marketing techniques that cater to basic human nature. On top of this, direct mail will always work as long as people are still getting physical mail. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon do you?

This is because while technology changes, human nature doesn’t. The Internet has NOT made people more prone to instant gratification or made their attention spans shorter. It’s simply given people more opportunity to indulge their need for instant results. It lets them “change the channel” quickly when they get bored or skim through an article simply to satisfy their current curiosity or solve the problem of the moment.

People have always been this way. You’ve always had to get past their “spam filters,” and any marketer who can effectively do that will never have to worry about changes in technology. They can simply use what they know about basic human nature to adapt their approach as technology evolves.

Even before the internet, direct mail marketers had to send mail that got through their reader’s junk mail filters…the filters at the post office (mail that looks like junk has a lower deliverability rate) and the filters in the customer’s minds. Most people STILL sort their mail over the trash bin and they read their email with their finger on the “delete” button.

So don’t get lured into the naïve trap the poor marketer on this forum is stuck in. The internet hasn’t made direct mail obsolete. In fact, it’s made direct mail marketing more effective…

Direct Mail is Less Competitive than Online Marketing

Small business entrepreneurs and freelancers who are smart still use it to build and to grow their business because they know that there’s less competition in a customer’s mail box than there is in the customers email box.  

This is why there are still authority websites dedicated to the subject of direct mail marketing and the sophisticated marketers still use it while low budget marketers depend only on SEO, social media and email marketing. If you want to stand out from your competitors, direct mail marketing is absolutely the way to do it.

Let the inexperienced marketers keep doubting the power of direct mail and asking whether it’s gone out of date. Meanwhile, you can enjoy taking their market share by using a method that has always worked and always will.

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