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Is Content Marketing the New SEO?

Content marketing is one of the big buzz words in search engine optimization. Is it just another fad that will vanish with the next Google update?

If you’re curious about this and if you want to attract steady streams of traffic regardless of what updates the search engines roll out, this might be one of the most important articles you’ll read this year…

Why Content Marketing is the Future of Marketing

According to iMedia Connection 78% of internet users claim that they use the internet for product research. More than 46% of the searches conducted on a daily basis are people searching for information about products and services. The key word in that last sentence is “information.” Web users are looking for content, not advertisements. This is the first clue as to why content marketing IS the new SEO.

The goal of search engines is to give people what they want. People want content that will help them learn about which products and services are best suited for them. So if you want to reach these people, you want them to find your content when they type your keywords into the search bar.

The only want to do this is by publishing content that people will find just as interesting and useful as the content they read in their favorite magazines.

Makes sense right?

People are addicted to good information, always have been. It’s advertising that turns them off. So here’s where content marketing fits into this picture…

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing isn’t new.

It’s been around since before the internet. Every single magazine you’ve ever read has used content marketing to build a profitable business. Here’s their simple business model:

1.      The media company puts together a publication that’s full of valuable and relevant content.

2.      They sell advertisements to companies who want to market their products and services readers.

Simple right?

In the information age, you simply use content marketing to do the exact same thing that media companies have been doing for years. So here’s the only difference between “old” content marketing and information age content marketing:

1.      YOUR company puts together a publication that’s full of valuable and relevant content

2.      YOU advertise your products and services to your readers.

Simple enough right?

How to Use Content Marketing in Your SEO Strategy

Just like the old methods of search engine optimization, there’s a right away to do content marketing and there’s a wrong way. The wrong way is to talk only about your company, your products and your services using the same generic, keyword optimized language that everyone else is.

That’s not content marketing, that’s direct marketing. The right way to do content marketing would be to provide content that has intrinsic value. In other words, the content itself has to provide enough value to your readers that they’d be willing to pay for it just as they might pay for a magazine subscription.

That’s the primary difference between having a content marketing strategy and simply publishing content and hoping it gets picked up by the search engines. Spend 90% of your time creating and delivering this kind of content, and tone down the direct advertisements.

Start thinking like a media company and remember that content marketing has already been working for decades. The only difference is that today, it’s quickly becoming a requirement for companies who want to stand out in the information age economy.

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