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How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Beat Competitors

Did you know that direct mail marketing could help you dominate a part of your market that your competitors aren’t even touching?

I say this because a lot of companies are trying to cut costs right now by using cheaper marketing strategies like SEO and email marketing. Yet, in spite of the economy, there are still direct mail marketing success stories being created by people who aren’t afraid of investing money into direct mail.

At MSI, we help a lot of businesses get an edge on their competitors by putting together direct mail marketing campaigns that:

1.       Intentionally reach a narrow and well-qualified target market.

2.       Generates attention to the company’s social media pages (for future connection).

3.       Generates leads and new business faster than email marketing could.

That’s what you could be missing if you’re not using direct mail marketing. Your target customers are either going to find you first or your competitor first. On the internet, it’s very, very hard to get people’s attention…unless your site is sitting at the top of the Google search results.

But with direct mail, you get a direct line into your customer’s home or business. And if your piece is well written and looks like more than just the standard junk mail, you can expect a significant response rate in comparison to what you’d get trying to reach those same customers through the internet. 

So if you’re ready to beat out your competitors, including those who might be ranking ahead of you, call MSI right now at the number on this site and see what direct mail marketing can do for your business. Even if you don’t use us, here are some things to keep in mind as you’re building your direct mail marketing campaign…

How Do You Know if You’re Doing Direct Mail Right?

Direct mail is like any other kind of marketing. There’s a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way to do it. The wrong way is obviously very expensive, but direct mail marketing done right can change your business. Here are a few of the typical direct mail blunders you’ll want to avoid:

1.Sending in bulk instead of first class

2.Choosing the wrong printer

3.Lack of follow up

4.Lack of focus

Here’s a short checklist you can go over before sending out a direct mail campaign:

10 Point Direct Mail Campaign Quality Checklist

1.Are you sending first class instead of bulk?

2.Does your mail LOOK like junk mail?

3.Are your pieces personalized with the recipient’s name?

4.Do you have an expiring offer to create urgency?

5.Are you sending a multi-step campaign instead of just one mail?

6.Do you have professional design & copywriting?

7.Is the call to action clear and simple?

8.Is your back end process flawless? (system for receiving leads and sales)

9.Did you use testimonials in your copy?

10.Are you sending to a targeted demographic?

These are the primary things you want to do when sending a direct mail campaign. Remember, there’s no such thing as expensive marketing as long as it works. If you use direct mail marketing right, you’ll see what I mean.

Good luck.

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