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How To Get Backlinks

Every webmaster wants to know how to get backlinks. Quality "backlinks" are important to generating traffic flow to your website. Essentially, backlinking is when other sites link back to your website or an article on your website. The more sites which backlink to your website, the more popular your website becomes. Search engines notice this and consequently bump your site up on search results.

There are various ways of backlinking, both good and bad. Some negative backlinking is considered linkspam. This is where companies visit link farms to place completely irrelevant backlinks on their site. Ultimately though, this diminishes the site rather than promoting it. Therefore, it is important to build quality backlinks. One way to build quality backlinks is by using good content. Good content can be generated through several means, but it is recommended to utilize three key factors - keywords, grammar, and information.

Keywording For Humans

Keywording is an extremely popular SEO technique to promote a website or article in the search engine result pages of Google and other popular search engines. Countless websites resort to stuffing as many keywords into their articles as they can, which has the unintended effect of making them completely obnoxious. While this technique may work to bring rankings up, search engines will eventually recognize this keyword stuffing and actually reduce the site’s ranking, rather than improving it. Not only is cramming keywords negative in search engine results, but it is also a major turn off to readers.

That’s not to say that including keywords is not important. It is extremely beneficial to include them because, used properly, keywords assist in enhancing search rankings.

The key is using keywords naturally. Remember that you are writing for humans, not for robots. If you want to gain - and keep - traffic on your website, you need to make your writing readable. To write this way, be sure to scatter main keywords throughout your article. Also, use synonyms. Synonyms are important because people searching for your topic may not use the exact keyword. Just as in general writing you would not use the same word over and over. Use a rich vocabulary and naturally include the words in sentences.

Good Grammar

Nobody likes to read articles littered with misspellings and broken sentences. Proper spelling, good grammar, and readable sentence structure are essential. They make you sound knowledgeable, lending credibility to your content. It also demonstrates that you have a good command of the language. Search engines can pinpoint sites with spam-quality content and drag them down in search ratings.

Run a spell check before the article is published on your site. Read through your content after you write it to ensure that it flows smoothly and makes sense.

Truly Informative

If you title an article using keywords, make sure the topic is relevant and informative. Nothing is more frustrating to a reader than to click on a link only to find the new information is either completely irrelevant, or did not answer the question. Stay on topic. Provide information which is actually informative. Take a few extra minutes to do some research, so you can add fuller content to the web page. Ideally, when readers come to your site, they will want to keep reading and then recommend the site to others. That is, after all, the purpose of backlinking. So now you know how to get backlinks by using great content.  

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