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How To Get An Article Ranked High On Google

You manage to get an article written and the posted on your website. Now your goal is to get people to actually read it. One of the best ways to get this accomplished is by getting your article ranked high on Google. But you can’t just post an article and then expect to automatically have it as the first search result on Google. You have to make Google notice your article first.

Use appropriate keywords

Keywords are a really important part of SEO; they often make or break an article. The purpose of keywords is for Google to pick up on words in your article which people frequently search for. For instance, if your article was about solar power, common words which people might type into Google to look for information on solar power might include solar power (of course), solar energy, solar companies, solar panels, and solar system. These are words which you want to frequently have inside your article so that Google can catch them and pull your article up in ranks. One important point: don’t overdo the keywords. Nobody likes to read articles which are crammed full of awkward keywords. And neither does Google. Too many keywords, and your article plummets.

• Be relevant

The two keys to being relevant: choose topics on stuff people want to read. And then actually write about it. It might be nice to be ultra creative and start writing about the various kinds of toe jam you get different days of the week. Admittedly, there aren’t too many articles out there like that. But there’s a really good reason for that. People just aren’t interested in reading about your toe jam. However, write about solar energy, as an example again, and the chances are pretty high that people all around the world are interested in and searching for information on that subject.

When you say you are writing about solar energy, or whatever topic you choose, then really write about it. Nothing frustrates someone doing a search, getting excited to click on a seemingly relevant link, and then find out it really doesn’t talk about the topic to begin with.

• Be interesting

Even if an article about "Why is Facebook So Popular?" sounds a lot more interesting to you than solar energy, you can still make articles on solar energy informative. And that is what matters most to people searching through Google. If they click on your article and see that it answers their questions, stays on topic, and is easily readable, you will be interesting to them. 

• Get backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites which link back to your article. If you have a lot of backlinks, people are actually reading and appreciating your article. So much so that they want to refer back to it from their website. And this means more traffic to your article and ultimately to your website. Google picks up on this and bumps your article up in the search results because they realize other web users like your content.

• Use related anchor text

Anchor text is the visible link which refers a person to a website. The anchor text needs to say exactly what the link is about in just a few words, and then relate back to the correct website.

These are just a few hints to help you get an article ranked high on Google. There is always so much more than meets the eye, but these points can help you in the right direction. If you need help on getting your articles ranked high on Google, you can always contact a good SEO company for help.

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