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How Much Should You Budget for Web Design Services?

Whether you need web design and development services, for a new site or to overhaul an existing site, you’re probably wondering how much you should budget. Web design services range from the dirt cheap range of a just few hundred dollars to web sites which take tens of thousands of dollars to create.

Even if you have a ton of money to spend on your web development project, you want to budget for your long term business success.  In this article we’d like to share some smart budget tips that will help you do just that.

#1: Good Structure First, Esthetics Later

The most important element of website design is structure. Think of this like building a house. You want to build a strong foundation, a good plumbing system and you want the house to be strong enough to withstand the local weather conditions without becoming uninhabitable. Likewise, in web design, your basic site structure is essential to your long term success.

Site structure can impact user experience, your search engine rankings and even determine how manageable your website is for your webmaster. The challenge is that while it’s easy to spot faulty architecture in the real world, poorly designed websites are harder to spot.

A site that looks great may rank poorly because it’s not fashioned with the overall goal of the website in mind. It might not be structured according to your content marketing strategy. It might have excessive code in places or be hard for search engines to find and index. Structure problems in web design can also be complicated and expensive to fix. Sometimes, the entire site has to be rebuilt.

So if your budget is limited, invest money into the structure of your site and leave the bells and whistles for later. The end product might not look as pleasing, but it’s much easier to dress up a site with pleasing graphics than it is to rebuild a site that’s “ugly to the bone.”

#2: Be Willing to Invest in Quality

It’s tempting to spend only a few hundred bucks on website design and assume that you’ll upgrade later when you start making more money. But if you go too cheap, your site might not make enough money to justify more work being done. Find a website design team who understands the principles of good search engine optimization and who knows how to make your website immune to future SEO updates from Google, Yahoo or Bing, even if it means paying more money.

In business, cheap services really aren’t cheap. They can create complicated problems later on, problems that can only be repaired by professionals. If these professionals know that you’re desperate to repair a problem, you’ll have no negotiation power. You’ll be stuck with a big website overhaul bill, or you’ll dump a lot of money into SEO and few only menial results.

If the higher end website design companies are too expensive, ask them for a quote which includes minimal graphic design. Have them start by building a great architecture for your website. Remember, you can always add the fancy graphics later on.

#3: Budget Something for Promotion

One of the primary mistakes business owners make in hiring web design firms is blowing their whole budget on design and leaving nothing for promotion. If you want traffic to your site, you’ll want to plan ahead and conserve a budget for hiring content writers, investing in Pay per click traffic and hiring someone to handle your social media.

You don’t want to assume you’ll handle these in house and on a zero budget either. Most companies don’t have teams in place who are well trained in content marketing, pay per click and social media. Give your website a chance to work its magic by adding fresh, informative, well-written content and by hiring someone to manage your social media campaigns.

If you’re ready to start your web design project, we’d love to talk to you about your online business goals. There’s a phone number on the upper right of this website where you can speak with one of our specialists. Call us now, we’ll make sure your web design is done right and that you have the best possible chance at success.

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